Ex Machina vs. Annihilation



I pretty much hated Annihilation. It's just so boring. It plays like a slow burn building to a big payoff, but then there's hardly any payoff. Total bummer. Ex Machina is infinitely more watchable (and it's also just a flat-out better film).


I'm on the opposite, I liked Annihilation more for its ambiguous mystery. I also quite like the story of Roadside Picnic/Stalker of which Annihilation is clearly inspired by, and the cosmic terror of Lovecraft.

Annihilation is utter blandness until the last 30 minutes. Yeah, it all looks nice and the world may seem interesting; but 90 minutes of slow, expositional dialogue with walking around without any character depth just doesn’t do it for me. But the last half an hour is trippy, thought provoking and cool. Ex Machina is a science fiction masterpiece! A great script with some deep messages. It’s more consistent than Annihilation and even the ending is more powerful!

There is a beautiful disaster to Ex Machina that just wasn't captured in Annihilation. Sure the visuals in Annihilation are stunning, but the slow pace is difficult to overcome when compared to EM.

Garland sure knows how to make some cool visuals. I was even transfixed by the cool shot of Portman's and Isaac's fingers behind a glass of water early in Annihilation. Portman was great, and that bear freaked me the hell out. But no, Annihilation is not on the same level as Ex Machina. Wonderful, wonderful script in Ex Machina and yes, the pacing's a lot better.

Enjoyed both movies but I felt the acting and pacing was far better in Ex Machina. The dialogue was certainly better. I want plant people.

Ex Machina is, I think, a much more well-rounded movie, but, even though its bloated and starts very weakly, I kinda love Annihilation


Ex Machina------ That was easy

Annihilation certainly had its lovecraftian elements, but it failed everywhere else. The pacing is bad, which kills the film, it's very uneven and yeah, it certainly could've been shorter. Ex Machina is a blast from start to finish. There isn't really all that much to think about here.