Scanners vs. Videodrome



Two greats in the action Horror sub-genre Scanners is bloody and the story is great but Videodrome blew my mind its scary surreal insane fits perfectly in my life as a video consumer and lover of the wtf! and bizarre

Easily Videodrome. Scanners is cool, but it does have two HUGE flaws. One being Stephen Lack who's downright terrible in it, and the other the nonsensical and obviously Empire Strikes Back-inspired twist ending. It might be one of Cronenberg's most well directed films, and it's still a fascinating watch, but those two flaws hold the film back from being even better. Videodrome is much better.

Scanners for me. The final battle at the film's climax gives it that extra boost.

Despite Stephen Lack's lack of acting skills, I've absolutely loved Scanners. It's some lunatic fun and yes, even its ridiculous ending seems fitting when it comes to that. Videodrome is also great and I think it was filmed in Vancouver, but it's not as fun as Scanners. Also, Scanners is much more cleverly directed. Btw, Videodrome had Debbie Harry, which is a plus, but it also James Woods, which is a big negative. That guy is just too loathsome.