Brazil vs. Star Wars



Oh, tough one. Star Wars captured my imagination when I was a kid, Brazil did it when I was an adult. I really don't know way to go.

Both great films, Brazil is a personal favorite though.

And I return. I don't remember what I chose before, but the decision isn't any easier this time.

I'm in the minority, but I hated Brazil. Star Wars on this one...

I'll go with Brazil Star Wars is a film which I've always loved. The characters are great, the world is so vast, and its just a joy to watch. What sets Brazil apart to me, is that its such an absurd film, but despite this, every once in awhile I see bits of Brazil here and there. It's a film that really rings true. And on top of that, you have unique and detailed sets, a hilarious script and some underrated performances. Its not a perfect movie by any means, but it is very special, there's no movie remotely like it, even within Gilliam's own filmography.

Brazil by a wide margin.

Easily Brazil

Suprising how many people prefer Brazil. Nothing wrong with that, it is a good movie (not fantastic, but that's my opinion), but I choose Star Wars.

I choose Star Wars as well. I viewed Brazil earlier this year though and thought it was amazing.

"Star Wars" gets the slight edge for creating a larger universe with lovable, iconic characters even while I have more singular respect for the perspective and commitment of Gilliam's absurdly funny nightmare "Brazil".

Like The Egant, I REALLY didn't like Brazil. I have to wonder if Terry Gilliam's admirable efforts to get the film released (the studio was delaying its release) led critics to give it more praise than it warranted. It's just not a very good film. Star Wars is superior in every way.

Agree with Boonmee. I am not a fan of Star Wars at all.

I didn't enjoy Brazil, it was just weird... thats really all i have to say

I switch to Brazil

Yep, Brazil. Roger Ebert think Motel Hell was better than A Clockwork Orange and Brazil...

tomorrow was another day...

i've never loved star wars, but brazil is fantastic

I adore Star Wars, especially Empire, but the absurdity of Brazil is my favorite movie ever.

Star Wars all day long.


Hard choice but Star Wars was groundbreaking.

Hated Brazil. Star wars easy win.

the pecker>

Brazil was great, but Star Wars is one of those groundbreaking films that only comes about once a lifetime.

Brazil. Starwars is just fun.