The Good, the Bad and the Ugly vs. Star Wars






I'm going for the one that was a capstone, rather than the one diminished by inferior sequels. How bout you?

The Good, the Bad and the muthafuckin Masterful!

*covers face* awww...hell...

2 Brilliant films,i cant make my mind up on witch one to pick. Im just going to have to pick the one that ive watched the most. Star Wars...:)

sigh - ok *flexes mouse fingers*...Both indelible imprints on my brain. It's really performance vs. story, IMO. damn. Rare event; Star Wars gets outgunned :\

No question...Star Wars...

Star Wars was a movie I was introduced to when I was barely old enough to write. I saw The Good, the Bad and the Ugly for the first time on TV one Sunday afternoon when I was teenager. Looking at my movie tastes now, The Good has had a much larger impact on my movie watching than Star Wars. In fact, Star Wars doesn't have any real influence on my tastes at all these days. I can say that Star Wars had a big impact on my youth, and few movies entertained me as much back then, but now those are fond memories and little more. The Good served as a gateway to more diverse and mature movie tastes, and I still think it's one of the most exhilarating movies I've ever seen. Star Wars doesn't hold up the same way, even though I still enjoy it.

Star Wars was a landmark film and I respect that but I've never been a huge fan. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is just as iconic, something I keep going back to and I enjoyed it a lot more so I'm going with that.

I think this is truly the toughest call I've ever had to make with films. Both have a huge impact on my tastes in story, characters, styles, and themes. The Good is a lesson about the ambiguity of humans who lived in the west with subtle anti-war messages that almost accidently find their way into the film. Star Wars is a space opera, borrowing from chobura, spaghetti westerns, and countless others to make something that seemed familiar yet completely new at the same time. I think if it weren't for the fact Star Wars needs sequels to complete the story, it would win, but seeing as The Bad is more self contained than Star Wars, I would have to go with The Ugly here.

star wars really isn't that great where as GBU is the greatest film of all time

Star Wars for me. It's been apart of me longer.

I'm sorry Star Wars. The Good absolutely kills you.

Yeah I feel ya rob, Star Wars for me too.

Star Wars wins in an extremely close matchup.

SW here as well, very close though

Star Wars for sure.

Star Wars hammers here.


It's a tough choice but Star Wars draws the short straw here.



The Good, The Bad and the Ugly actually.

Good, Bad, Ugly wins slightly.

Star Wars is the one I'd rather watch. GBU is still great, though.

TGTBATU beats the original Star Wars..

Never mind it's Star Wars.

Star Wars barely definitely deserves the win here.

Star Wars barely definitely deserves the win here.

For now the good the bad and ugly makes the best reference classic here.

I'm leaning toward Star Wars as of now. Two great films that have helped define my taste in movies.

My 2nd favorite Sci-fi film or my favorite western. I love sci-fi movies more but TGBU wins easily.