The Good, the Bad and the Ugly vs. For a Few Dollars More



Showdown in the truest sense of the word. I'm usually more partial to FAFDM, being more of a buddy pick, as mush as it can be, and about 1/3 shorter than GB&U. But The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is a certified masterpiece. Amazing.

Wow, this is one epic matchup. Arguably two of the greatest western movies of all time against each other, both directed by Sergio Leone, and both starring Clint Eastwood and Lee van Cleef. I love 'em both, but as I have to pick one, it's For a Few Dollars More. It has the even better soundtrack and probably the better story, though that's debatable. It's also a bit more light-hearted and more perfectly balanced in my opinion.

GBU for me, FAFDM was great, but the weakest of the dollars films imo.

Nah, Fistful's the weakest. FAFDM is one of the finest genre films to ever bless the human race with its existence, but TGTBATU may very well be THE greatest genre film I've ever seen. And that's no exaggeration. It's just that damn good.

This is a pretty easy choice...The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is the crown jewel of the "Dollars" trilogy.

For A Few Dollars more is definitely a slept on movie, but only because its brethren are badass, gangster playas.

For a Few Dollars More is a fantastic film but it doesn't come close to the best western film I've ever seen.

Ummm, hmm. They both hit the same buttons for me, really. The Good, the Bad... broods more and has more scope, and FAFDM is the more ramshackle, lean one (not a bad thing IMO). I have the latter ranked higher because the villain's great--an almost tragic figure, and they totally sell it.

GBU is just too damn good....

@UncleFok: Yes! LOVE El Indio.

GBU all the way. I love both, but the threequel is just superb.

TGTBATU > FAFDM > AFOD the trilogy gets better with each movie.

surprisingly easy choice for me. For a Few Dollars More wins. More engaging story. Better soundtrack. On first viewing a couple years back I swear this movie worked some sort of magic on me. Had me totally entranced. The Good, the Bad & the Ugly is good, but it just didn't have as great an effect on me. Tuco is a great character though.

I'm with the For a Few Dollars More guys on this one. Sergio Leone hit bullseye with FaFDM. I thought The Good, The Bad and the Ugly was a bit too overwhelming, while A Fistful of Dollars really underwhelmed me (especially considering I saw it right after TGTBATU). For a Few Dollars More felt just right. Not as "cheap" as AFOD and not as overly grandiose as TGTBATU. Don't get me wrong, TGTBATU is awesome, it has the more memorable highlights and it has the better climax (and so does Fistful), but TGTBATU tends to drag a little too much for me. And while I do really love many scenes in it, I did not care much for the not-nearly-as-amazing "filler". That includes the stuff with the confederates. Really did not care much for that, it kind of ruined the pacing in my honest opinion. FaFDM is more consistently entertaining, and its story is without a doubt the most emotionally engaging of the trilogy. Oh, and it has El Indio. Best villain of the trilogy? I dunno. Anyway, I might change my mind about this later, but for now, For a Few Dollars More is my favorite of the Leone-Eastwood / Man with no name / Spaghetti Western / Whatever-you-call-it trilogy.

GBU for me. Both are fantastic though.

I think For a Few Dollars More is like a nostalgic B Movie compared to Perfection of The Good the Bad and the Ugly.

GBU by a longshot.

For A Few Dollars More is a very underrated western. Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef really shine in it and it features a compelling and emotional villain. The action, music, set pieces, score and the ending is very satisfying overall but the supporting characters don't leave an impression. I saw FAFDM before The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and loved it but its drastically underwhelming when compared to its sequel. GBU is near perfection and gets my vote!

For a Few Dollars More for me....but that's this week lol. I'll go back and forth between this and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly for number one spot. Fitful is the weakest though it has a more ethereal quality to it, some surreal scenes like the dead guys propped up against the tombstone to look like they're alive.

For a Few $ for its heavier psychology and tension. Doesn't let you relax for a moment.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is more iconic for me. For a Few Dollars More was my second favorite of the trilogy, though it's plot isn't quite as strong as the one for this film. TGTB&TU is much stronger in my opinion..

The whole trilogy is amazing, but TGTBTU is one of the best movies ever made