The Good, the Bad and the Ugly vs. Pulp Fiction



COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!! :X

Lol, I know how you feel. If this was Pulp Fiction vs. For a Few Dollars More (my fave of the trilogy) this would be a lot easier. But this is pretty even. I'll go with Pulp Fiction tho cuz its got Jules!

This is Hell.

Big matchup which is why I came to this discussion. I must go with Pulp Fiction though.

Bad motherfucker...

both films are in my top 3 but I choose The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

GBU all day.

Yeah, this is a great ol' toughie.

Two of my favorites, but I gotta go with the Fiction.

If you asked me this question after watching Pulp Fiction for the first time i would have picked The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. After rewatching Pulp Fiction it wins its pure genious.

The film that Tarantino was inspired by, wins.

Pulp Fiction never gets beaten, but it does here.

both probably top 10 for me.. im going with ugly here.

I really LOVED GBU with my third viewing, I was absolutely bored by Pulp Fiction the second time.

Jules Winnfield doesn't stand a chance against Blondie. And Jules is one BAD MUTHA-FUCKER!

My favorite film of all time versus my favorite director of all time's favorite movie, who happens to be the director of my favorite movie. Did you get all that?

Very interesting contest here. GBU for me.

Pulp Fiction wins easy

Both in my top 5. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly wins by 2 places.


I personally prefer Pulp Fiction

Come on. Even Tarantino says it is the best Movie ever made :)

His best film vs his favorite film, um...

What a battle. Pulp Fiction wins.

The Tarantino best movie beats Tarantino favorite movie!

The good the bad and the ugly wins match up. Not the biggest Pulp Fiction fan I am

Pulp Fiction, although both are good classics.

Yes Pulp Fiction is great, but for me The Good, The Bad & The Ugly is just epic and the music is brilliant!

Must go with Tarantino.

Tarantino sucks balls.

Pulp Fiction stomps here.

GBU Fuckstomp

Sergio Leone wins

The Good the Bad and The Ugly easily

I change my mind Pulp Fiction by far

Pulp destroys it's inspitation

GBU wins

GBU might be better crafted, directed, and overall better made. But Pulp Fiction's entertainment value and rewatchability give it the edge here.