Pi vs. Following



I can't decide between these two, anyone???

Both great debut films of great directors from 1998 that are in B&W and are mind-benders. I think I liked Following better.

Following is better than Pi simply for the tremendous ending. Pi is brilliant, but more for the groundwork it paved for Requiem for a Dream, Black Swan, The Wrestler and the rest of Darren Aronofsky's visions. Following is brilliant in it's plot twists and the web it creates. Christopher Nolan has also gone on to a brilliant career, but Following can stand alone as a great film, whereas it's the film-making style of Aronofsky I took away most from Pi. His raw, unforgiving intensity that forces you to pay attention and doesn't apologize if it's difficult to see the truth on the screen.

Pi wants to be something more than slowly backs away, which was frustrating. Following just knows what it is and goes for it.

Very interesting matchup. Two brilliant movies that were precursors to great things to come from the two most brilliant directors today. Following is indeed the winner though.

Following for now but it's pretty close.

Both great debuts from 1998. But Following was released on 5 November 1999.