Men in Black II vs. Men in Black



The original was so much fresher.

While it clearly goes to the original here, I did not find myself disliking the sequel as much as many. There were some elements that I felt did not work, but I consider it to be better than most sequels nowadays.

Original, hands down.

No contest. But I don't think it's entirely the sequel's fault. The first MIB was so original and unexpected; the second could never feel like anything but a re-tread.

The first movie is better, but I like the second one as well.

as it normally is.. the First is much better

I actually enjoyed the second one but the first is still a lot better.

MIB II was sooo wack. "Black Suits Comi'"? Get the fuck out of here.

I think the first one was better than the second.

Men in Black II was a horrible attempt to re-capture the lightning caught with the first film. It didn't have to suck, and it wouldn't if it deviated from the first film instead of basically remaking it with the serial numbers filed off, but it did. So yeah, the first film wins.

What a slaughter.


The first not the second the first

The first one wins but the third is the best out of the series.