Men in Black II vs. Iron Man 2



on 2/18/2011

I like both... but I only love one. IRON MAN!!

on 2/6/2013

"Yes, instead of simply writing a formula for a new type of energy in a notebook and decreeing it to my son in a will immediately after my death, I'll create a ridiculous, elaborate setup so convoluted that even Nicholas Cage's warped psyche wouldn't utilize in a National Treasure film. I'll put it inside a ridiculously complicated diorama of a theme park and make a vague statement in a mentally deficient display of hope that Tony'll somehow "get it" and pray that it doesn't get stolen or destroyed at some point. Oh, and the energy source will also conveniently cure him of a blood disorder I couldn't possibly have known he would acquire in the future."

on 7/10/2013

Iron Man was owned

on 7/11/2013

Iron Man 2 wins with ease.

on 12/28/2014

both had very successful beginnings but had to continue like this i enjoy Men in Black 2 just a margin more

on 9/1/2015

Men in Black 2 is awful.

on 9/19/2015

I actually liked both a lot. Iron Man 2 has the edge for me.