Us vs. Get Out



I’ve seen Get Out 3 times and I still don’t like it. It’s a tonal mess, the satire is weak (white people pretend to think that black people are great but are really brainwashing on them so they deserve to die? What am I supposed to learn from this) and the third act is too violent for the psychological effect it was originally going for. Also, Chris getting his suspicions that the place is mess up from this phone being unplugged is one of the stupidest bits of writing I’ve ever seen. Us is far better. Sure, it’s flawed and aspects don’t make a lot of sense but the themes are better, I connected more with the characters, I loved the foreshadowing and, as someone who normally doesn’t get scared during movies, parts of Us terrified me!


Get Out was a black man's nightmare in white supremacy hell. It was daring, provocative and humorous to dull the edge of its disturbing premise. It was a horror film with a message. Us also had some issues about our society under its surface story. These are both horror films with a satiric edge and they both deliver plenty of scares. Get Out is slightly favored here but both films are modern horror classics.

Both were extremely entertaining. I think I enjoyed Us a little more but both were very very good. There is just something a little more trippy about the ending of Us.

Really enjoyed both and need to see them again. It’s hard not to compare them due to the similarities in shooting and narrative style. Peele’s a great storyteller.

I do like Get Out. The thing is: I just don't really understand all the love. The satire isn't so good and it's kind of messy, as stated above by Eagleskywalker. I really felt like some parts could've been cut. As for Us, it's clever, thrilling and really, really creepy. It's by far Jordan Peele's better movie. There's also no one as good in Get Out as Lupita Nyong'o is in Us. Why Us isn't as loved as Get Out, I don't understand, but perhaps it's because it's not on Netflix.

Get Out was easily more enjoyable for me...

2 great movies. I'm going to go with Get out.

I love genre film, and while Get Out was revolutionary, Us is a better Genre film. Also, inherently, I will ALMOST always be more interested in a woman protagonist than a man.

I enjoyed both, but I felt the satircal angle was slightly better executed in Get Out

I'm a big fan of both of these movies but I'm going with Get Out. I will say bits of Us are incredibly tense and Lupita Nyong'o is incredible but I think Get Out is slightly better, there's not much in it though.

I gave Jordan Peele two different chances and got burned both times. Will have to say nope to whatever he puts out next. If I had to re-watch one of these it would be Get Out...I guess.

I adore Get Out and it's phenomenal. I like Us, but it really isn't all that good upon rewatch. Still suspenseful, but it isn't nearly as sharp or meticulous as Get Out, and falls flat in numerous ways.