Batman vs. Batman & Robin



Please, Keaton wins mega easily!

Has there ever been an easier choice?

Its nice to get a Batman vs Batman, however this is the easiest choice of the possibilities.

Thats not even a question, Batman wins by a landslide.

no contest. B & R should have never existed.

most actors probably have that one film they wish they never made...for clooney and Schwarzenegger this is probably that film...ok so Arnold probably has a lot of films he wishes he hadn't made..Jingle all the way comes to mind...but i digress. Batman and Robin was completely awful.

Chuckels, chortles and guffaws aplenty.

LOL seriously?

Right like there is even a debate here.

Batman. Come on, let's be serious...


I generally detest sarcasm, but a choice such as this really does not warrant any other response.

Ha! As if this wasn't obvious enough...

Batman wins, but in its own way it has just as many structural flaws as Batman & Robin. I've never been able to totally love the Batman films made by Burton or Schumacher. Not one of them takes advantage of Bruce Wayne's complexity and all of them are defined by the wildness of their villain(s). In the end, it all comes down to which Gotham City you prefer because that is the star of the four movies. Both are well crafted, but Burton's has more atmosphere per square mile.

Batman 89's great. Dated and flawed, sure, but fun. It has some great music, some really memorable lines ("The truly mightier than the sword!"), and Jack Nicholson as the Joker? Can't go wrong with that. Batman &'s funny, I can give it that. "Hai Freeze, I'm Batman". Ohohohohohohohooo.

What the hell is going on here? Batman & Robin is a camp classic. Y'all better recognize...

Does anyone know what killed the dinosaurs? Oh yeah, the ice age.


Looks like Caesar and I are the only sane persons commenting on this match-up...

On one of these we win....on one we lose...Caesar and Picc...I expect better of you two!!!

hahahahahaha.....really....I have seen it all now!!!

Wow. Batman wins

I guess I'll also go in the controversial direction of liking Robin over the original. I recognize Batman has its place in cinematic history but I was just kind of disappointed at the lack of a true plot. I also found the 97 glitzy version of Gotham to be way more interesting than Burton's vision.

I don't trust anyone that chooses B&R over 89.

There are actually people who chooses Robin over 1989, probably the first time I’ve seen this

People are honestly voting for Schumacher over Burton? Just when I thought I'd seen it all...

There are 3 votes for B&R... Wow

Batman 1989 wins even if the victory won but this does not mean why I hate the film Batman and Robin Even if this film the insufficiency the arrival date a little bit was a lot of problems like two annoying characters or Poison Ivyn batgirl who for me it was really iworst adaptation of my favorite female character and I have no comment since the victory goes to Tim Burton's first film to conclude I give these two films batman 1989 rating 9.5 and batman and robin rating 6-