Batman vs. Spider-Man



Batman wins, Keaton wins, we all win.

'Batman' wins, but it was a little tough for me. Victory to us all!

The two greatest super-hero movies ever made. Filled with humor, action, great acting, and spectacular death sequences (Defoe can die better than anybody else on film) the two parallel splendidly. They were both directed by very darkly comic men (I hope the Coens direct Captain America next) and they even shared Elfman as a composer. I really could never identify one as a better film, and I think the only reason I prefer Spider-man is teenage angst.

Maybe it's only because of the religious symbolism, but I really have to go with Spider-man.

Spider-man FTW

In the comics and the movies Spiderman wins!

Batman wins, I'm with @malreynolds88 and @Prophasi.

Spider-Man is the far better movie. Less cheese but oh so much more filling!

Batman ALWAYS wins over Spider-Man. No contest.

How the hell is Spider-man LESS chesy than Batman? The Parker-Watson quasi-romance couldn't be anymore cheesy if they were actually wheelbarrow fucking in a comically sized fondue set. Upside down kissing? My ass.

Batman, because Keaton is the MAN.


Keaton was so....unintimidating.

...and Tobey Maguire was...?

... Miscast.

Both franchises became better with a reboot in my opinion, Batman wins.

Batman. Spider-Man owes so much to this movie and to the original Superman movie.



The first Batman movie is kinda shallow, by the time Spiderman came out studios were able to develop comic book characters more fully.