Batman vs. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade



Two of the biggest films of 1989. Which one to choose.....

1989 - one of the best summers of all-time thanks to these two movies. Have to go with Last Crusade.

God, both of these are great, but which one should I choose? I loved both of them growing up...I guess Batman stuck with me longer, so that gets it.

How can you possibly pick? They came out within 2 weeks of each other, too

I'd go Indie...

Indy, easy. Burton's Batman is great, but this isn't even close.

'The Last Crusade' easily. Love 'Batman', but this Indy adventure is one of my favorite films.

I'll choose Batman.

I remember seeing both of these films in the theater that summer. I like Batman a lot, but Indiana Jones and James Bond together in the same film? Come on, this is a no-brainer

This is clearly not the best Batman movie, but Last Crusade is easily the best Indiana Jones movie, arguably one of the most amazing adventure movies ever made. Last Crusade it is...

how can there even be so much discussion on this? Batman is a disaster and looks even moreso since Nolan's films. Last Crusade is one of the greatest adventure movies OF ALL TIME.

Jetsilveravenger, you took the words right out of my mouth

Indy at his brilliant best can't hold a candle to The Bat.

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang! Batman wins though.

Indy is way too much for Batman, even on his best day...

I remember Batman way more,And i'm not a big Indy fan.

Last Crusade.

Last Crusade owns.

Crusade owns.

Last Crusade. Easy choice for me.

"I choose Burton" "You chose... poorly".

Batman - completely mediocre script, terrific visuals/music driving it. The Last Crusade suffers in comparison to the first two for me, a little too much of the same thing, but it did have transcendent meaning which Batman only aspired to. I prefer Batman's visuals, but The Last Crusade is so obviously the better film.

Last Crusade

Batman 89 over Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade anyday every year from now on.

Both are good, one is great. Indiana Jones wins.

Choosing Batman over Indy on this one is a 'poor choice' like SquareMaster said. I enjoyed Batman 1989 but just barely. Nicholson, Keaton and Elfman absolutely own the movie. The dark looking visuals are awesome and the movie has fun with it but some of the overly over the top moments with the Joker made me roll my eyes. Last Crusade on the other hand, had me laughing hard at it's goofy moments. When one movie's goofiness makes you laugh and another's makes you roll your eyes, then you gotta go with the one that makes you laugh. Indy it is.

Battle of 1989. Weapon 2 is better than both! hahahahaha. (I had to) As for these two, It's Batman. Never been an Indy fan.