The Fog vs. Ghosts of Mars



Two Carpenter ghost stories. One boring as sin, the other stupid as hell. I don't really know what to do here; absolutely nothing happens in The Fog, while Ghosts of Mars has such idiotic characters and is so poorly structured and edited. I guess I'll go with Ghosts of Mars, because at least has stuff happening. The Fog is mostly a snorefest.

Yeah nothing really happens in the Fog until the last half hour or so, it's a shame because if there was more action it would be incredible but as it is it's just boring. Ghosts wins here.

I'm not a silly fanboy that thinks Carpenter can do no wrong; I'll join the consensus that The Fog is boring as hell and it's only your average 80s slasher. While Ghosts of Mars is stupid, wasn't Christine, They Live and Big Trouble as well? Really, if you can't appreciate Ghosts of Mars, then you're just not a Carpenter fan at all.

The Fog is great. I don't find it boring at all. Ghost of Mars may need a re watch but I remember hating it.