The Great Mouse Detective vs. The Black Cauldron



Despite costing quite a bit more to make, The Black Cauldron is inferior to the excellent The Great Mouse Dective. Witty, funny, and with a brilliant score and memorable characters, The Great Mouse Detective is fantastic entertainment, while The Black Cauldron is just plain dull (if not annoying at times).

Even if it were otherwise kind of terrible (luckily, it certainly isn't), I would still give this match to The Great Mouse Detective for one reason: Vincent Price as Rattigan, the World's Greatest Criminal Mind! I do quite like The Black Cauldron though, which stands out primarily for it's astonishingly creepy villain The Horned King, with a little help from clever and independent Princess Eilonwy, who actually saves her prince. However, it is a little narratively thin, which is not something I would say about the anthropomorphic animal caper.

Going to have to agree with the choice of The Great Mouse Detective, which being a fabulous homage to Sherlock Holmes, of course has always been a favorite of mine. The Black Cauldron has some great animation sequences in it, particularly involving the villain as previous mentioned, and was another childhood favorite, after having read one of the books in the series I realized how much of the scope of the material had been diminished in transition. Plus the scene in the toy store at night is a really moody, and the final sequence is terrific. Truly a good Disney animated feature before the Disney "renaissance" three years later with The Little Mermaid(which I would also place Mouse Detective over)

The Black Cauldron is the superior movie. More hardcore and better characters.