The Lost Boys vs. Near Dark



NEAR DARK, all the way.

80s vampires - my favourite kind. The Lost Boys has more nostalgic appeal for me

Near Dark was a much more complete and dramatic story. All of the vampires in Lost Boys except for Sutherland were one-dimensional, whereas the ones in Near Dark were all fleshed out and given unique personalities and characteristics. The Lost Boys was arguably funnier with the Frog Brothers but Near Dark was a much more satisfying film.

There is no competition for this. NEAR DARK and The Lost Boys are two COMPLETELY Different films. The Lost Boys is a Fun, Hip, Comic and, at times, Bloody Vampire Movie whereas NEAR DARK is a more Serious, Darker and Gorier story. I prefer The Lost Boys without a shdow of a doubt but, when it comes to a Dark and Gritty Vampire Movie, i would recomend NEAR DARK. They are BOTH Great Eighties Vamp Films but The Lost Boys is the KING of them ALL!

Yes I do love The Lost Boys and Corey Feldman as a vampire hunter, but Near Dark had a much better story and better performances by all of the actors especially Paxton. Near Dark wins.

The Lost Boys is a WAY better movie. Near Dark has no style at all, while Lost Boys has it in spades. One of the few things it does have going for it is the delightful Severen, who I think would have fit right in with the Sutherland crew.

Neither of these touch Fright Night, but Lost Boys has absolutely nothing on Near Dark.

The Lost Boys