Road to Perdition vs. Cast Away



Not exactly the Hanks on Hanks battle I'd hoped to get, Road to Perdition doesn't really do it for me, Cast Away is great though.

Great movies, but Cast Away still rules.

Both are very good and Hanks puts in a better performance in Cast Away, but Road to Perdition is the better movie overall I feel.

Cast Away. Wilson the ball was the best actor in that movie. HE should have been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor, not Hanks.

I'll take the Road. Both are just classic Hanks...but Road has always stuck with me. I just always expected slightly more from Cast Away....

Road to Perdition is a beautifully shot and well done film but Cast Away has always been among my favorite Tom Hanks films.

Hanks vs Hanks ! Both Sucks

I'm cracking up at the post directly above mine.

Hanks vs Hanks ! Both Great