Unbreakable vs. Signs



Unbreakable is my favorite M. Night Shamylan.

Despite an ending that completely falls apart due to an astonishing lapse in logic, I prefer Signs. I could see myself changing my mind, though, if I were to see Unbreakable again.

Both films have the same structural flaws. Which cast and motif do I prefer? Unbreakable it is.


Unbreakable is great, but it's Signs for me. While the plot hole doesn't really bother me, I still like to pretend to fill the plot hole by telling myself a few things -- SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN'T SEEN THE MOVIE : Perhaps it's only purified water that hurts them. Bo's "tick" has her place drinking water all around the house. Regardless of what she thinks, the water IS clean. There's also so many other ways to tip-toe around the twist; it's an alien movie. Interpret it however you like.

Signs sux... I just h8 this movie, it's stupid and I will never ever watch it again... Unbreakable is a good and underrated superhero movie

SIgns is a decent film but doesn't hold up under its own conceits. Hydrophobic aliens visit a planet that is 75% water (on the surface) without protective suits? What is it rains? What if they slip and fall into a puddle? A quibble maybe, but it is the first chink (which becomes a chasm in Lady in the Water and The Happening) we see in Night's armour where he figures we're so enamoured of his style and filmic deftness we'll forgive him any plot foible. Unbreakable is internally consistent and does nothing structurally or logically to puncture our suspension of disbelief. We are left to enjoy well written characters negotiate well crafted circumstances, enhanced by the virtuosity of Night's eye and ear. Unbreakable nudges Signs aside.



Unbreakable was too bleak to win here.

Unbreakable is the best M. Night film for some though it's taken a couple of viewings for me to love it to that level. Signs, despite its flaws, is still very watchable. That said, the Orange Man & train station sequences are simply stunning which is why Unbreakable wins this match-up.

Unbreakable is M. Night's best film to date, so yeah, Unbreakable wins. I really like Signs as well, though.

I enjoyed both of these films. I liked the realistic portrayal of a frightened family in Signs but my choice would have to go to Unbreakable. I love that it is a superhero movie that is too flashy. The story is terrific and the two leads did a great job.

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Signs iyi bir film degil. Türkçe bilmiyor. Beni anladin mi?

Signs had some pretty creepy moments like the Mexico birthday scene that caused it to be my second favorite Shamalamadingdong film right below The Sixth Sense. That is the reason why I'm choosing it over Unbreakable.

Unbreakable's overly gloomy tone really drags the movie down. I'll take Signs.

Signs. Not a huge fan of the "swing away" ending...but all in all, a pretty suspensful flick.

I didn't really like Unbreakable except for the ending. I was engrossed by Signs the whole way through. Signs wins.

I'd have to go with unbreakable. Just watched Signs for the first time and was thoroughly impressed.....and then the ending came. I'm sorry but it was executed poorly and felt thrown together. I hate when M. Night tried to force religion into all his movies. I could literally see him trying so hard to foreshadow and thread his elaborate trail of breadcrumbs to lead to that conclusion...ruined it for me.

Sings had boring characters,boring aliens,no scares and too many plot holes.Unbreakable is way better.

Unbreakable really didn't do a whole lot for me. It was bland to the max. Signs took a while to get going, but the final 40-45 minutes rocketed the movie upwards for me. I would put it below The Sixth Sense, but well above Unbreakable.

by 1 rank. unbreakable

"Hey Tom, I'll need a ride home."

Unbreakable isn’t great, in fact no M. Night film is great, but it’s still a decent and interesting watch. Signs is purely insufferable!

Years ago I'd have said Unbreakable but Signs simply holds up better over the years and is a better re-watch.