Unbreakable vs. The Sixth Sense



Both good equal movies, but spoiled about The Sixth Sense for not appreciating it while watching it at a young age.

'Unbreakable' is one of my favorite movies ever. 'The Sixth Sense' was a good time the first (maybe second) time, but that was about it.

I do wish Shyamalan got off his ass and did an UNBREAKABLE movie. THAT one rewards repeat viewings. SIXTH SENSE is great, but once you know the twist (and someone SPOILED IT FOR ME) it goes from great to good.

Remember when M. Night Shyamalan was good? He should have done a sequel to Unbreakable, but since he's also done Lady In the Water and The Happening, I'm kinda glad he left Unbreakable alone.

Both were great, but Unbreakable was amazing.

Unbreakable easily wins this match up, but both are fantastic.

This is a tough one. Sixth Sense was not only the first date with my now wife of 5 years, but had some really great performances and was a fresh and grownup take on ghost stories. Unbreakable also had decent acting but the plot and world were the stars in this one.

M. Night Shyamalan is the Ed Wood, Jr. of our times. I almost feel bad pointing out how much he sucks at making movies. That said, I enjoyed Unbreakable the most -- although it is also the quietest film he made, and the one most devoid of incident, so maybe I only like it because there's less going on to hate. Honestly, tho, both of these are mediocre at best, and if I were a studio exec I wouldn't give the green light to either one.


The Sixth Sense. It's still his best film and will be for a long time. Though Unbreakable is great in its own right.

Unbreakable is the only reason I have any respect for Shyamalan, especially after The Happening, where the only twist was that he made a film worse than Lady in the Water.

Unbreakable is the only reason I continue to root for Shyamalan. Sixth Sense was decent, but not amazing. He's been disappointing me almost exponentially with each new film, but like the abused wife I keep foolishly believing that he'll soon change for the better.


Without a doubt Shyamalan's best film is Sixth Sense.


@KingJiggles I love the abused wife analogy, lol. I loved his first 3 films and I thought The Village was decent, but since then he's taken a plunge into insanity. Lady in the water was bad, but there was something about it that made me enjoy watching it in theaters. The multiple viewings, however, showed many its flaws. The Happening was just awful. I believe he'll bounce back, but I think he'll be better off allowing other people to write his movies. He's a better director than screenwriter.

As much as I love The Sixth Sense, I'll have to go with Unbreakable. It's definitely M. Night's best film to date.

Both of these movies are great, but as someone said earlier, the problem with The Sixth Sense, is once you have seen it once, and know the plot, it drops from great to good. I couldn't agree more. Unbreakable wins.

Although Sixth Sense is in my top3 scariest films of all time, Unbreakable is still my favorite M. Night film.. UNBREAKABLE

to be honest i didn't like any of these movies, in my opinion i think that unbreakable is less boring, but that might be because somebody spoiled the ending of the sixth sense for me.

M. Nights best works, by far. I don't need to tell anyone that his movies have problems, but even these movies are incredibly, incredibly flawed. Mainly because of this: they only work because of how the movie is played out. In reality, do you think if you had super human strength, you could seriously go that long without finding out? Instead of a bullshit reason like "I've never tried to see how much I could bench." I've tried to lift my car before, I knew I couldn't but I tried. I'm sure everyone's done something like that. You never realize you've been sick either? 6th Sense is even worse. He doesn't realize he hasn't talked to anyone but Haley Joel? Again, a bullshit reason like "they only see what they want to" and "me and my wife don't talk anymore." 2 bullshit plots that are only entertaining because they're written so rigidly and they work only because of the confines in which they are presented.

The Sixth Sense was such an ugly, boring film for me. Unbreakable's decent.

Shyamallama will never be the same again...

Unbreakable was unique and I enjoyed it...but The Sixth Sense was clearly superior...

The ending of the Sixth Sense was spoiled for me so I wasn't very impressed by it. It has a very eerie atmosphere, great performance by Haley Joel Osment but I prefer Unbreakable because the I couldn't predict the twist in any way.

Based on just one viewing of each I prefer The Sixth Sense, but both were spectacular.

Unbreakable is highly underrated. The Sixth Sense is highly overrated.

I really like unbreakable but the sixth sense is the easy winner here

Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense entertainined me far more. I knew the exact twist, but it only added upon more depth to the movie. Unbreakable surprised me even though I knew there was a twist [not the exact twist], but the ending is a bit weaker than 6th sense. Even Rotten Tomatoes agrees that Unbreakable is worse than Sixth Sense.


and also, http://www.joblo.com/movie-news/fo-face-off-the-sixth-sense-vs-unbreakable.

The Sixth Sense just feels a bit too Hollywood for me. Cole comes off as a very generic Hollywood kid with his cute looks, well-spoken mannerisms, and sparkly tears. The twist too, in The Sixth Sense, is very implausible when you think about it. Unbreakable just has a more interesting story that's more unique and relies less on fakey fake Hollywood emotions. It also has a much stronger twist that turns the film around completely while complimenting the themes too with ambiguity. Overall, Unbreakable is the better film.

Unbreakable's ending actually hit me harder than The Sixth Sense's...

When I first watched both I though 6th Sense was better. Now in hindsight and with Split out, I'm going with Unbreakable.

1. Split 2. Unbreakable 3. The Sixth Sense. When Glass comes out that might change but Unbreakable still smokes Sense.

Sixth Sense is better. Unbreakable felt like it tried too hard to recapture the success of Sense!

Unbreakable>The Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense spoiled by overhype so Unbreakable's underrated status meant the twist legitimately knocked me for a loop. Edge to Unbreakable

After rewatching back to back, Unbreakable is far better. Sixth Sense is pretty boring

Sixth Sense is way better