Cowboy Bebop: The Movie vs. Serenity



Oooh, tough choice, this site is effing bonkers

Ah look at that. The movie for the series that ripped-off the anime vs the movie for the anime that was ripped-off by the series. It's all so obvious. The characters in Bebop are so much cooler anyway.

OMG I could not agree more with you Cleckly. It was always glaringly obvious that Joss was super inspired by Cowboy Bebop when he made FireFly (which of course led to Serenity). No way it was just a huge coincidence. And on every level Bebop nails what he was going for in a much better way. But I will say if they DO make a live action Bebop movie Joss should be 1st pick as director, he is worthy. Now currently Serenity is higher for me, but if it was Cowboy Bebop the TV series vs Serenity or FireFly; it'd be Bebop ALL DAY. No doubt about it. Best TV show ever (besides The Shield).

While Cowboy Bebop is an excellent series and movie, Firefly and Serenity are superior in both characters and storytelling.

Both are excellent continuations of so so excellent TV series! That said, I'm more of a Firefly fan, overall. And Serenity had much more of a significant story.

Actually, Serenity may have been influenced more by Cowboy Bebop in terms of story (despite the creators comments to the contrary), right down to the naked girl in a suitcase.

*Dammit, I meant Outlaw Star.

Fans often say that these two films shouldn't be watched until after you've seen the TV series. But in both cases, I saw the movies *first*, and in both cases, instead of putting me off, I liked them enough to watch the TV series. I thought both films did a good job of introducing the characters, ship and situation to newbie viewers who had never seen an episode. (For Cowboy Bebop, this was slightly misleading: Ed is a big part of the Cowboy Bebop movie, so when I saw the TV series afterwards, I was disappointed to find that she doesn't turn up until relatively late in the run.)