Million Dollar Mystery vs. It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World



Up until recently, I was of the opinion that It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World was vastly overrated, however, my opinion has substantially changed in its favor upon rewatch. Million Dollar Mystery felt like the most VHS-ready movie I've seen in my life and itself was scarcely a pale imitation of the shadow of IAMMMMW. Eddie Deezen and a Tom Bosley cameo aren't nearly thick enough to rival the cameo appearance of the Three Stooges in IAMMMMW, let alone the entire film. Sometimes things are old and good and IAMMMMW is one of those things.

Million Dollar Mystery is, it claims, inspired by It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World. If so, it should be ashamed of itself. D-list stars, silly stunts, and insipid jokes mean that it's an embarrassment to its inspiration, and to everyone involved.