The Wages of Fear vs. Sorcerer



Hah, this one came up randomly. Sorcerer obviously benefits from advances in filmmaking, but the original does more with less.

Sorcerer ain't bad. It lacks Wages of Fear's tension and likable characters, though. I do like the ending of Sorcerer better, and that the background of each character is shown. Still, it's not up to the level of Fear.

Both are all-time greats, but I slightly prefer Sorcerer, for the vastly superior ending and the character backgrounds that KingofPain mentioned. I also appreciate the subtle hints of Friedkin-esque supernaturalism. I actually think Sorcerer has more tension than Wages, particularly in the bridge scene.

A very close matchup, but I also slightly prefer Sorcerer. That may be just because it's the one I've seen more recently.

I prefer the more approachable, modernized remake though both are great. I found it interesting how certain scenes in Sorcerer were completely original and others were shot-for-shot remakes. In particular, the moonscape-like, mountainous area near the end strikes the same eerie, alien tone of isolation that I loved from Wages of Fear.