Sinister 2 vs. Sinister



Sinister is one of my favorite horror films of all time. It's also one of the most original horror films I've seen in quite some time. When it first released, it was a breath of fresh air. It's sequel, however, just can't really compete with it. Sinister 2 does have its moments, though. The snuff films were genuinely hard to watch (like the original's were), I can give it that. Overall, the film just lacks the suspense of the original, making this matchup an easy win for Sinister.

The first Sinister movie was a surprise I enjoyed it, it didn't have pointless jump scares,Bughuul the demon wasn't over used,and those snuff films Ethan Hawk watches are hard to watch it adds more suspense to the film it worked really well .Of course since the first one was successful there had to be a sequel, wow the they didn't even try to make a good horror film the snuff films this time don't add suspense instead it was to violent it's something you would see in a saw film, the child actors weren't good this time they were obnoxious, unlike the first one there weren't over used, and didn't speak, and the jump-scares are you kidding me trying way to hard with the jump-scares you knew there was going to be one, and Bughuul this time didn't add any suspense he just appears on computer screens, pictures, and appears randomly throughout the entire movie. The sequel didn't feel like a horror film, it felt like a drama movie with a demon in it terrorizing a single mother trying to keep her kids away from there abusive father and the director just slapped the title Sinister 2 on it, the only good thing I thought was good in the film was Shannyn Sossamon she was good and the pacing wasn't slow that's it nothing else is good about the movie.

Sinister 2 is an awful effort