Beerfest vs. Super Troopers



Both good movies, but this is easily Super Troopers.

Beerfest was good, but I laughed my head off when I watched Super Troopers.

I'm glad the Broken Lizard gang got back on track with Beerfest after the miss with Club Dread but Super Troopers is on another level so I'm picking it right meow.


Super Troopers eluded me but Beerfest was up my comical alley.

I liked Super Troopers a lot, but I found myself laughing harder at Beerfest.

I liked Super Troopers a lot more. I laughed the hardest in Beerfest when they made references to Super Troopers.

Both are entertaining, but I found Beerfest the more consistently funny of the two, at least to me.

I prefer Super Troopers way over Beerfest. Sure, there are moments of Beerfest that are as funny as anything in Super Troopers, but the problem is that there aren't as many laughs in Beerfest, partially due to its overlength (although the Potfest tease at the end was fabulous), but Super Troopers is funny all the way through, and although there are a few gags that fall flat, this represents the pinnacle of the Broken Lizard team's best work. "YOU BOYS LIKE MEXICO?!?!?"

I'll take a liter of cola right meow... chicken f'er!

Super Troopers by a mile.


Super Troopers was very funny and Beerfest. was hit and miss funny.