Taxi Driver vs. A Clockwork Orange



Wow. So this is the first one that really gave me pause...How would I choose? These are both raw, ground-breaking films. Both classic anti-heroes. Both a reflection of the times they were created. I think this will be a coin toss...this ain't fair!

Two of the greatest films of the 70's so how do I choose? I love Clockwork Orange but I'm going with Taxi Driver it gets better every time I see it.

Well, Travis Bickle is sort of an anti-hero, while Alex is a total sociopath. Somewhere in Bickle's crazy head, there's a desire to do something positive even if his outlook on things is a bit off. I always liked A Clockwork Orange more for its visual style and use of music, and general sick sense of humor. The social commentary doesn't matter as much, nor do I look at Alex as a cool sort of character. I just like that the world in A Clockwork Orange is completely warped. With Taxi Driver, Bickle is kind of the only sane man in an insane world, even though he's probably insane himself. Maybe that's why he's crazy in the first place, because he's the only one who notices how crazy it all is. I guess both Alex and Travis are a product of their environments. But I always identified with Travis more.


A Clockwork Orange because of its warped world, the music and the style.

Both Dominated The 70's But Clockwork Wins By A little

Taxi Driver.

fantastic match... i can't bear watching it

Taxi Driver. Robert De Niro shits on Clockwork.

Two of cinemas greatest anti-heroes and the greatest of the 70s. One of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make on here but I must go with Taxi Driver.

Two brilliant classics of the 70's, gotta go with Taxi Driver though.

easy Clockwork Orange

These are separated by about 100 spots on my flickchart. Only A Clockwork Orange makes my top 20.

Taxi Driver, easily enough for me.

For my money, Martin Scorsese is a superior filmmaker to Stanley Kubrick, and this matchup reflects as much. Taxi Driver wins.

Bickle over Alex....

There's black smoke coming out of a chimney on this match up; I haven't made a decision yet.

These are both in my top 3 but Taxi Driver is my #1.

ACO wins.


two similliar movies ,taxi driver wins.

Taxi Driver comes out on top in this match-up between the masterpieces.

Two of the greatest films from the 70's with two of the greatest anti-heroes of cinema. Taxi Driver still has the slight advantage here, but both are amazing and masterful.

Two deep character studies with compelling themes and performances. Taxi Driver sits at #3 on my chart, so it's the winner.

A Clockwork Orange.wins.

Orange easy! but Driver is very good!

I'm gonna have to say Taxi Driver. As much as I love both, I just find it the better made film.

what a fuckin match, clockwork wins tho

De Niro and Scorsese over McDowell and Kubrick. Both fantastic films though.

Scorsese vs Kubrick, this is a tough one... Close call, but edge to Clockwork Orange for the greater scale and satire

Tough match, I am going to say Taxi Driver for now

Travis Bickle is a more interesting character than Alex DeLarge, and Taxi Driver is a more complex film than Clockwork Orange.