Taxi Driver vs. Star Wars



Marcia Lucas edited both, George's wife at the time, I favor Travis.

As much as I love Taxi Driver, I am a Star Wars geek, so I have to give this one to A New Hope.

Taxi Driver wins this one. Robert De Niro is simply enthralling in his role.

Star Wars

I understand why there are people that dislike Taxi Driver, but I think De Niro's performance is so captivating. That being said, Star Wars, for me, is an easy choice.

I laughed.

Star Wars. I love Tax Driver, but I can't pick it over Star Wars....

Star Wars over Travis Bickle

Star Wars... pretty easy pick I must say although I adore Taxi Driver.

For me, it's gotta be Taxi Driver.

Star Wars wins here all the way, but I still love Robert De Niro┬┤s performance in Taxi Driver.

Nah, Star Wars

Star Wars

Taxi Driver is a symbolism and theme study film. Star Wars is perhaps the most known film ever made. Though Taxi Driver is a masterpiece, Star Wars takes the cake for me.

Taxi Driver any day.

Ofcourse taxi driver

Taxi Driver edges...


I love Star Wars but Taxi Driver just nudges a win.

Star Wars

People are choosing Star Wars because of nostalgia, that being said, Taxi Driver is the better film overall

Star Wars is the better technique.

Taxi Driver

Definitely Star Wars.

Taxi driver is perhaps the greatest film ever made. Star Wars is probably the most overrated film ever made.


Taxi Driver was great but I now lean towards Star Wars.

Bruh, it is Taxi Drver for sure

As much as I love Star Wars, it holds about as much complexity as water droplet compared to Taxi Driver which is an ocean.