Taxi Driver vs. GoodFellas



Scorsese smack down. Both are in my top 20, behind Raging Bull for now. Very difficult decision.

GoodFellas tailed off a little at the end I feel, while Taxi Driver turns things up a notch at the end. That said, GoodFellas was, for the most part, the more entertaining film, and one filled to the brim with name stars performing up to their reputation, and Taxi Driver was a minor disappointment up until the end. So GoodFellas it is.

My two favorite Scorsese films. I love both, but Goodfellas is one of the few movies that I would call perfect. I love everything about that film, from the opening scene to the final shot of Tommy shooting at the audience.

MickeyBreamar: absolutely in agreement here, though I also thought Taxi Driver was fantastic.

Yeah to everything everyone has said so far. Goodfellas tries my patience less.

The two greatest films of all-time. Both are absolute perfection, though Goodfellas JUST edges out Taxi Driver.

Taxi Driver for me. GoodFellas is more "fun" and entertaining in that way, but Travis Bickle is one of the most fascinating characters ever put to film and Taxi Driver is a much more personal/meaningful film to me because of that.

These two have become tied for my all-time favorite.

Taxi Driver, while a classic, is a pretty joyless film. On the other hand, GoodFellas has a near-perfect blend of drama and humor.

Robert De Niro was very awesome in Taxi Driver, but I have to say that GoodFellas is best.

Only one person has chosen Taxi Driver? That's a surprise. I'll be the second, I guess. I'll echo what SnakeEyes had to say and add some. Taxi Driver is one of the few movies I can watch over and over and over and over again and never get bored of it. And every time I watch it, I question what I'd previously thought of the movie - why Travis does what he does and who he is. I never get tired of diving right into the guy's head. They're both classics, but Bickle gives Taxi Driver the edge. What a fascinating fucking movie.

Taxi Driver is more of my thing.

Not a hard choice for me.Nothing beats a classic like Taxi Driver.

Goodfellas by a nose.

Goodfellas by a nose.


Yep, thats right Taxi Driver. It is so much more entertaining and though provoking. It focuses more on acting and story, rather than cinematography and epic scale.

such a tough one but I'm going with taxi driver for the sheer emotional impact. flickchart makes me want to watch classic movies like these back to back, again and again

both movies are iconic, but i'm taking taxi driver here. travis bickle may be the most interesting character in the history of cinema

Giving it to Taxi Driver.

While I think Taxi Driver has a more interesting plot it is not conveyed very well. Goodfellas tells its story in a much more entertaining style.

Taxi Driver is arguably Scorsese's second masterpiece. It is fantastic, perfect, and intriguing. Robert DeNiro gives the second best performance of his career, and yet, that role is the only thing that is better than GoodFellas. GoodFellas was my first Scorsese film and will forever be his best. The first scene alone reveals Tarantino style and dialog. Kubrick would be jealous of the almost musical pacing of the movie. The characters put the Coens to shame. This movie is truly groundbreaking and one of the greatest of all time.

Less we forget just what a legend DeNiro is and always will be. His current work kind of make you forget his pure greatness.

I admire GoodFellas, and I can understand the reasons for why people love it, but it just didn't click for me the way Taxi Driver does.

A pretty tough one. Taxi Driver is definitely easier to rewatch (which is ironic, since it's easily the more disturbing of the two). I also think it's the slightly better made of the two, although they're almost on par. Hm. I'll go with Taxi Driver, but I should give it a rewatch soon.

Goodfellas. Scorsese's masterpiece.

Goodfellas for me. I don't care if that fucking bitch ruined it, it's still a masterpiece.

Oh man, I love both but for me Taxi Driver is the better film. Both are in my top 10 of all time.

Taxi Driver for me, Travis Bickle is more interesting than Henry Hill. I pretty much agree with everything ToryK said up there too. Goodfellas is great though.

Taxi Driver features the better De Niro performance, but overall I slightly prefer Goodfellas. Both need to be rewatched though.

Taxi Driver. A Masterpiece and my favorite movie of all time vs Goodfellas, a great, great movie but I don't think it deserves the top 15 spot.

I'm going Goodfellas...but, damn close.

I'm not really a Scorcese fan (at least not yet, having only seen these two and Shutter Island and still trying to reach a consensus), but I have absolutely no hesitation in saying that Goodfellas wins in a landslide here. Taxi Driver failed to reach my high expectations whereas Goodfellas exceeded low expectations and then some (not really a fan of Italian American swear-fests, but Goodfellas still managed to hold my attention and engage me in the story and characters despite this, plus it's infinitely more quotable).

Two Scorsese masterpieces with Robert De Niro. GoodFellas takes it.

You talkin to me?

GF wins

This will always be one of the hardest decisions for me. Both are in my top 10. Taxi Driver is a masterful psychological drama while GoodFellas is a masterful biopic. I watch GoodFellas more often (I really can't think of a more rewatchable film, besides Pulp Fiction) but Taxi Driver is a truly unique gem; getting immersed into the urban atmosphere is quite an experience. I get something new out of it every time. Plus Robert De Niro gives his best performance. GoodFellas is equally great in different ways but we have now seen several biopics that are just about as masterful (like Boogie Nights, City Of God and Scorsese's latest Wolf Of Wall Street); whereas Taxi Driver is a one of a kind. By a small margin, I'm giving the win to Taxi Driver.

Oof both are amazing of coarse you know Scorsese which you can't go wrong with such a good match up I think I'm about stumped I think maybe Taxi Driver on this one

Taxi Driver for me

Timeless debate here. I'm more of a Goodfellas guy.

Goodfellas takes this the overall cast is way more impressive and its more of a film that i like gathering the boys and drinking a few best guys movie out there.

gonna give it to Taxi Driver because I love it more and more everytime I watch it, but then again, I've only seen Goodfellas once.

Two of the greatest movies ever, and two of my favourite movies, but...... nothing beats GoodFellas.

My two favorite films, both by my favorite filmmaker. As long as I can remember Goodfellas has been my favorite film. But after watching Taxi Driver(again) recently, it affected me on a much more personal level than any other film ever has.

Two masterpiece.Taxi driver is one of the greatest character study of a character whome we can literally call a regular driver shows the dark side of the human life and has a great lead performance.That said i like goodfellas a little more.

Taxi Driver by a nose

The over-love of Taxi Driver astounds me. Goodfellas is the FAR better film.

Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver is imo far better than GoodFellas.

GoodFellas is my pick.

GoodFellas was by far more enjoyable and accessible.

Id rather gargle draino than watch taxi driver again........GOODFELLAS BEATS TAXI DRIVER EVERY DAY..... ALL DAY!!

I know some better movies than Taxi Driver how, Serpico (1974) Scarface (1983) And the most predictable movie for beat Taxi Driver is Goodfellas so i pick Goodfellas for the win.

maybe i change my opinion about Taxi Driver as a great movie and almost a little better than goodfellas

Taxi Driver. I really like Goodfellas but there are a lot of flaws that a lot of people overlook. Taxi Driver is Scorsese's magnum opus and Travis Bickle may be the most interesting character in existence!


Love both films but Goodfellas intends of the academy award picture here.


vorhees1474, go to hell bitch!

Goodfellas is the better movie- more eventful, IMO more compelling, better acting, it's just a better movie.. However Taxi Driver is easily one of the best movies I've seen

Goodfellas is much better

Very difficult to choose, I am likely to choose different options on different days. If i to talk now, Taxi Driver I think.

Taxi Driver because Goodfellas second half is not as good as the first half in my opinion

Taxi Driver by a razors edge. Goodfellas is more entertaining and rewatchable, but Taxi Driver is the deeper, darker, complex, and thought-provoking film. It's Scorsese's Magnum Opus.

GF but both are top 20 movies of all time

Goodfellas and Taxi Driver are both some of the greatest masterpieces in history.


I will break this tie with the superb GoodFellas as Scorsese's best film.