Taxi Driver vs. Raging Bull



De Niro Vs De Niro!!!!! I can't decide over his 2 best performances.

Argh! This is next to impossible. Might have to toss a coin., it's Raging Bull.

De Niro's performance is better in Raging Bull, but Taxi Driver is the better movie. I deferred to my icon for a last minute "Yes you're right" confirmation.

I can't decide between these two when side-by-side, but I would rather watch TAXI DRIVER at this particular moment, and, I suspect, almost always.

It's Taxi Driver for me. I just think it's a better movie.

Raging Bull never lets up. Taxi Driver, by comparison, seems to be more buildup than anything. Not that the buildup was not compelling. It was. But it was not until its conclusion that it struck me as anything special.

2 of the all time greats. Both observe lives of lonely people, one who finds an outlet valued by society, the other locked into a life of estrangement and alienation. The world of Travis is eerily easlily identified despite its being unique to him and his own psychology. Raging Bull is a remarkable biopic with a bravura perfomance, but Taxi Driver transcends mere story telling and illustrates the unversal through the peculiar.

Taxi Driver is potentially my favorite... after watching it a few times it has really sunk deeply in my mind... it's pretty baffling, the amount of depth invested in Travis Bickle... but Raging Bull aint too bad aitha.

I think both are fantastic films, but, in my opinion Raging Bull is honestly just the better film.

I didn't love either of these movies quite as much as their reputation. Both very good, but despite having seen it more recently, I don't remember nearly as much about Raging Bull as I do Taxi Driver. On even ground in most respects, I have to give it to the more distinctive film; the one that's lingered in my memory.

Both of them are great movies. De Niro's an effing master and he shows it in both. But at any given moment, I'd rather watch Taxi Driver. I think it's got a better flow. It's easier to watch. For me, anyway. Taxi Driver's just got that something that I can't put my finger on that gives it the edge.


I have to agree with MovieNerd. These are two of the best films on the planet but Raging Bull is too good to lose this match up.

both masterpieces from one of the greatest directors ever, and both very high on my list. I have to go with Raging Bull this time

Even though Raging Bull had Pesci in it I'm still going with Travis "You talking to me?" Bickle.

I wasn't impressed at all by either one of these. I guess I was less bored in Taxi Driver.

I couldn't really get in to Taxi Driver and Raging Bull is infinitely more compelling to me.

Raging Bull. The fact De Niro had to eat his way through Italy to gain 60 pounds while being paid is great!

Both films show De Niro at his best! If I had to choose between the acting...I would pick Raging Bull (not saying De Niro was bad in Taxi Driver though) but as for the movies themselves...I pick Taxi Driver :)

By far my two favorite De Niro flicks, and Scorsese for that matter too, but I have to give it to Raging Bull which has to be my favorite movie of all time. Best acting performance of all time.

Raging Bull is without a doubt the better overall film in my eyes. Shot better, the subject matter is more interesting (to me, at least) and I preferred De Niro's performance in Raging Bull as well, although he's definitely fantastic in Taxi Driver too. Plus, Taxi Driver doesn't have Joe Pesci.

De Niro's two best performances. Taxi Driver is far more entertaining, and offers more insight on human nature, and therefore gets my vote. I suppose Raging Bull is the greater technical accomplishment, but Taxi Driver is my favorite Scorsese.

Taxi Driver. It's a very thought provoking film and has one of the greatest movie endings of all time. I actually think Raging Bull is a bit overrated. I think the only thing that Raging Bull has on Taxi Driver is Joe Pesci, who was brilliant by the way.

Raging Bull is better than Taxi Driver by a little bit. Robert De Niro shows off his best performance in Raging Bull along with Joe Pesci.

Taxi Driver is De Niro's best ever.

Taxi Driver has a more engrossing story and features a MUCH more intriguing main character.

Raging Bull but not by much.

Raging Bull. It has better performances, but not by a whole lot.

Both all-time classics from the master Scorsese. Raging Bull is probably the better movie but Taxi Driver is more my cup of tea.

Just watched Raging Bull for the first time last night and thought it was pretty great, but it doesn't touch Taxi Driver for me.

Well, I find Taxi Driver to be easier to watch, even though they're both highly effective films. De Niro's kind of a fucker in Raging Bull. You're fed up with him by the middle of the movie, but I guess that's not accidental. I never did like Taxi Driver's denouement, though, it feels a bit tacked on. So I guess that gives Raging Bull the edge. I'll probably have a different opinion tomorrow.

Taxi Driver it is...but man...these are two borderline perfect performances...

I can appreciate De Niro's performance in both films...but man, I didn't really care for either. Taxi Driver's oddly borderline-happy ending really threw me, and Raging Bull just made me feel kind of ugly. Bleh. Still, an easy win for Taxi Driver for me.

Both great, but Taxi Driver is better.

They are both awesome, But Taxi Driver is better.

You talkin to me vs you fucked my wife?

I'm gonna change my mind. Raging Bull's REALLY gone up my list as I've gotten older and there are reasons for that, obviously. I don't think I've ever seen a movie deal with what goes on in the mind of an angry person so elegantly in my life. I'd say Taxi Driver's almost there, but that movie leans more towards alienation, I think. But they both nail it and they hit pretty close to home for me. Wonderfully put together, the both of them. Herrmann's score was great, but it's always felt kind of out-of-place to me. Like it belongs in one of those old Hitchcock movies of his. Raging Bull's score fits right in. Pesci's presence only helps things. Bull's beautiful to look at; you could frame about half of the shots that come out of that movie. What it comes down to is simple preference. I can actually relate to both central characters (don't look at me like that) and Scorsese, Schrader, and De Niro do a fantastic job at bringing everything to life. But I'm a little bit older and things have swung in the other direction by the slimmest of margins. So, Raging Bull, it is. I just wish Marty would have thrown in some Stones. :)

I may surprise many of you, but I've got slight anger problems "IRL." It's hard for me to totally relate to Raging Bull because it constantly shows DeNiro's character at his worst--it's a kind of distant film in a way--but they totally nailed the escalation of the anger, and how the people might as well be speaking different languages at that point. For me it's a very unpleasant (good, but unpleasant) movie I haven't had the urge to watch more than once. Taxi Driver? Entertainment in my book, put it on any time.

Raging Bull for me. But this is very difficult.

Raging Bull for me.

Raging Bull. But I must admit, pretty tough.

Both are in my top twenty, but after seeing both twice, I decided to go with Taxi Driver. Both are excellent, excellent movies, though.

It's Raging Bull for me. I think DeNiro's performance and Scorsese's direction were better in it.

Both are masterpieces from my favorite director, both in my top 20, but Taxi Driver is my #1.

If only I could have a tie for number one. Maybe I'll just have to switch these two out every day.

The story of Raging Bull is better and DeNiro gives a phenominal performance.

I'm at a loss here...

I'll give the nod to Raging Bull.

Raging Bull by the smallest of margins.

The two greatest performances I’ve seen from Robert De Niro. I’m going with Taxi Driver, I loved how it showed Travis Bickle’s world and struggle in New York City, really was superb. The cinematography and story was excellent as well. Raging Bull was great too but I feel that Taxi Driver is the better film.

Taxi Driver

The toughest decision I've had to make on this site. Quite honestly they're as good as each other. I'm going to go with Raging Bull because of the cinematography. I think that's the only thing where it has the edge over Taxi Driver.

Guess I'll elaborate. Taxi Driver is an excellent character study, but I just found myself more sucked into the story that Raging Bull told. I think RB has overall better direction, and is more emotionally involving. I've seen both films only once, but I kinda doubt TD will surpass RB on my chart. They might both go up.


Taxi Driver has a better character(Bickle), but Raging Bull is better movie.

I could go either way with this when I re-watch Raging Bull but for now I'll side with Travis Bickle :)

Personally, I have an easier time connecting to Bickle than with LaMotta. I'm an awkward, antisocial kind of guy instead of a raging, abusive kind of guy. I can probably relate to a character outside of LaMotta because I do know a few people with anger issues. This being said, Bickle's journey through "Taxi Driver" feels a little more compelling to me. "Raging Bull" is not a bad film by any means (and clearly shows the acting talent that DeNiro has under his sleeve) but I didn't feel as emotionally connected to LaMotta as much as I could have been. "Taxi Driver" is my choice for now.

Probably the two most famous De Niro and Scorsese collaborations. I'll take Taxi Driver, although I really love both.

Despise Ragin Bull, love Taxi guess who wins.

I just couldn't get into Raging Bull: the pacing was too slow and there was no real payoff for me.

Two Scorsese and De Niro classics I'm going to take a Taxi

Taxi Driver is the greatest movie of all time

Taxi driver is bit better cinematically even these two films cinematic aspects are quite difficult to compare because they're so different. And Taxi driver is bit more entertaining to me and one of my top 3 favourite films. Raging bull is still a masterpiece

I like more Taxi Driver than Raging Bull

Scorsese and DeNiro at their best im going with Taxi Driver for the win.

Taxi Driver was amazing and I admire it but Raging Bull is just pure poetry. Raging Bull triumphs.

I watched both films for the first time a few years ago and originally LOVED Raging Bull, while I didn't really "get" Taxi Driver. But I re-watched them again last week and now both are in a dead heat. I can relate to the loneliness of Travis Bickle's character, and I find him to be a more compelling overall character than Jake LaMotta. There's a twisted/heroic/sinister side to him that is more complex than the simple anger and fury of LaMotta. With that said, De Niro is simply outstanding in Raging Bull and his performance might be the best of all-time. Both movies are beautiful to watch, both have great scores... but I feel that the pace is slightly better in RB so it wins by a nose.

Performances, visuals, sound, pacing, and scene-by-scene impact all go to "Raging Bull".

Taxi Driver is my favorite one ever, I do not like Raging Bull at all for me.

I prefer Taxi Driver

Sue me, but Raging Bull was awful, and Taxi Driver, epic.

Raging Bull hasn't clicked with me yet. Taxi Driver is a flat out masterpiece.

Raging Bull hasn't clicked with me yet. Taxi Driver is a flat out masterpiece.

Taxi driver is the better movie but de niro was better in raging bull

Taxi Driver. Raging Bull, however is the better film.

Taxi Driver.

Raging Bull is more emotionally intense.

I've changed my mind. Taxi Driver by a hair.

Tough choice, but I'm going with Taxi Driver.

To me it's raging bull.Still don't get all the respect Taxi-driver gets. ...Goodfellas,Casino,Raging Bull,Gangs,Color of money,Departed....HELL I LIKE THE AVIATOR BETTER They are all better Scorsese movies.......To me it's a 6 out of 10 movie with a 9 out of 10 performance. by Bobby D

My own anger issues pull me in real close to Raging Bull, but my hyperactivity pushes me away pretty damn quickly. Some beautifully monstrous scenes, but there's a whole lot of blah to go with it (yeah, yeah, the blah contextualises the monstrosity... no shit). Taxi Driver's madness is probably more consistently entertaining, but they're both slow-going for moi.

They are pretty much equal, but Raging Bull is a tad bit better from a filmmaking standpoint, but Taxi Driver's got the better character. I'm going with Bull though, just cuz it has a bit more of an air of greatness which wins it over for me.

My two favourite movies from Scorsese. I've always thought that Means Street was a draft for Taxi Driver and Taxi Driver was a draft for Raging Bull. Yet, I prefer Taxi Driver because of its deeper themes and symbolism as well as the character of Travis! Raging Bull is more obvious than you have to look deeply into what Taxi Driver is about! But both do represent film as an artform and they're both stunning to look at!

scorsese at his best, but i didn't connect with raging bull much

Here is for Taxi Driver.

Taxi Driver is better in my opinion. Raging Bull's ending was underwhelming

Raging Bull for me, i'll be honest i think Taxi Driver is good but not great where as Raging Bull is great (for me.) Taxi Driver has a much better ending though in my opinion.

Raging bull is a great movie but I have to go with Taxi driver

Technical Brilliance: Raging Bull Entertainment Value: Taxi Driver Rewatchability: Taxi Driver Acting: Raging Bull Writing: Taxi Driver Directing: Raging Bull Cinematography: Raging Bull Music: Taxi Driver Accessibility: Taxi Driver Influence/Innovation: Tie Story: Taxi Driver Characters: Raging Bull Themes: Taxi Driver Length: Tie Pacing: Raging Bull Taxi Driver barely wins out for me...


Taxi Driver has held up better for the win here.

I lean more towards Raging Bull

Raging Bull. I missed the nice and behaved deniro, the one who knew his place.

I would say that Raging Bull is a better-made film

Pretty difficult one. Raging Bull is Scorsese’s most personal movie and maybe his best because of that, not to mention it has De Niro’s best performance, but Taxi Driver has a better script and slightly better character development