Taxi Driver vs. Casablanca




Travis Bickle: "You talkin' to me?" Rick Blaine: "Yeah I'm talkin' to you. Do you see anybody else around here that I could possibly be talkin' too? Well, then." Blaine punches Bickle in the jaw and Bickle is down for the count.

Casablanca for sure

there is only one logical choice, the one that holds one the greatest performances

After being punched, Bickle stands up, pulls out his 44 and blasts Rick to hell. The end of a not so beautiful friendship.

After shooting Blain, Bickle is arrested by Captain Renault. Major Strasser then sends Bickle to a concentration camp in some remote German province where he eventually dies. Oh, and Blaine was wearing a bullet proof vest and basically went unscathed.

Taxi Driver, mainly because I'm not really into romances, even though Casablanca is the best one.

Taxi Driver for sure. Bickle massacres everyone in Rick's Cafe...