Taxi Driver vs. Reservoir Dogs



Tarantino wishes he could make a film with as much intensity as Taxi Driver.

Excruciating decision. In the end, I chose Taxi Driver, if only because Reservoir Dogs is not seen as something of a remake.

As brilliant a film and as compelling and relatable a story as Taxi Driver is, it simply isn't as fun as Reservoir Dogs, if i had a choice of watching either fiilm right now (these two films being my only choices) i'd choose Reservoir Dogs. that's how i feel at this current point in time about it anyway...

Travis Bickle.

Reservoir Dogs reminds me of my good ol' days -- you know -- swearing, gunfire, stealing etc.. Good times. But Taxi Driver is the better film, no doubt.

Reservoir Dogs is a highly reminiscent work.

Reminiscent of Ringo Lam. Ohh!! Oh!!!

Both in my top 50, but I slightly prefer the Dogs.

Gotta go with Dogs.

WOW! The hardest matchup I have ever come across! First off, it's pretty much the best from the two directors, Scorcese and Tarantino. Second, they are both classic masterpieces that have been so thoroughly absorbed into our culture. I would have to say Taxi Driver.. but just barely. I'm letting the rankings decide. You have to understand that I love both of these with all my heart and they have made a huge impact. Done.

Taxi Driver. Homerun.

Reservoir Dogs wins a close one.

Taxi Driver. A bigger impact and more of a classic

Taxi Driver is the more original one here

Them Dogs

Scorsese, you Got it

Taxi Driver is the better film

Reservoir dogs without question. taxi driver is a good film , but to me Scorsese made much better films Casino , Goodfellas . gangs, departed are all better imo

Reservoir Dogs. Taxi Driver is pretty boring

Gotta go with the Dogs

Gotta go Taxi Driver but mannn

Reservoir dogs is great but Taxi Driver...

Scorsese's best vs. Tarantino's roughest. I love both but its really no contest, Scorsese wins!

As much as I love Reservoir Dogs, it ain't beating Taxi driver