Doctor Strange vs. Inception



Battle of the folding cityscape movies.....inception wins!

Well, with all the comparisons, it was bound to happen eventually. Yeah, Inceptions, no contest.

Doctor Strange delivered so much more than Inception. Easy win there.

Doctor Strange was damn cool and offers many different things including the best visuals I've ever seen. Inception was more unique and blows your mind more.

It's a crime that this is even a matchup. Inception FTW.

Doctor Strange is too much of an imitator. Inception all the way

Both movies are good and offer the same things which are the city folding. But for me I have to stick with the classic which is Inception

One of the highlights of Inception was the action set pieces, but after seeing Doctor Strange they definitely don't hold up as well. Action-wise Doctor Strange wins, sorry Nolan, and even though I can't commend practical effects enough, Doctor Strange just had some of the best CGI I've ever seen in a movie. Love Strange, but I'll give the edge to Inception for now, if only for that killer soundtrack and not being a cookie cutter formula.

I had more fun with Strange. Inception was a sterile experience.

imception stomps no idea how it's a draw