Signs vs. The Sixth Sense



Shyamalan showdown! These two are is best (though, admittedly, I've only seen about half of his films), but you really can't beat that Sixth Sense ending. Plus, Signs is incredibly entertaining and well-acted, but it falls apart if you think about it too much; Sixth Sense doesn't. (It's a shame this director peaked with his first film....)


These two are hands-down M. Night's best films. Both have their strengths, Signs has a weakness -- the plot hole in its ending. I loved every inch of The Sixth Sense.

I love horror movies and The Sixth Sense is one of my favorites.

I agree,these 2 are by far M. night's best flicks,i freaking love he sex sense but Signs remains as one of my favorites films of all times.

Oh god, not edit feature on the comments..i meant "the sixth sense" not sex!

I actually like Signs better because once you see Sixth Sense, the secrets out and you really never feel like watching it again.

Both were way too predictable. At least signs was interesting

I loved Signs. The scene where the family is watching the news broadcast of a little kids birthday in Mexico is priceless. It's a thoroughly entertaining flick. The Sixth Sense is wonderful, but I haven't seen it since I saw it in theaters.. when I was 9. So, It's a disadvantage, yes, but oh well.


You know, I didn't expect it but I think I'll have to go with signs.

Both are M. Nights best films. However, the edge has to be with The Sixth Sense. The movie was amazing and the ending (before everyone spoiled it) was brilliant!

The Sixth Sense has a better ending than Signs but, when judging both films in their totality, I see Signs as slightly better.

"i freaking love he sex sense" lovin' this typo.

Anyway. Fuckin' CGI alien.

In terms of a better twist, Sixth Sense gets it. On the other hand, aliens are now afraid of water. If the glaciers around the world do melt and the world is mostly flooded, then don't worry, the aliens are going to be fucked.

Signs holds up way better.

The Sixth Sense was good, but it does not hold up on repeat viewings. Signs holds up better.

Signs is my favorite M film

I've only seen three M. Night movies so far, these two and Unbreakable. I actually really enjoyed both Signs and The Sixth Sense (Unbreakable not so much). I would give The Sixth Sense a fairly slight edge.

The Sixth Sense, but I loved Signs also...

I love both but I think I like Signs just a little more.

If anyone knows Chris Stuckmann, you'd know that he'd be choosing Signs here. I'm going the other way.

Signs first half is awesome but the second half is.....well, not so awesome. The Sixth Sense is Shyamalan's best film in my opinion, and it doesn't seem likely to change...

Signs is TERRIBLE! Such a great potential but totally ruined! I love Sixth Sense though, and I even knew the twist BEFORE I saw it!

I didn't love The Sixth Sense but at least there's emotional depth and good characters. Signs is poorly written and extremely dull!

Shyamalan's never been better than he was with The Sixth Sense.