Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs vs. Tangled



Disney's first feature length film VS what I consider to be Disney's first real cg animated film. I think Chicken Little was the actual first, but Tangled is the first in the Disney style. There's no doubt that Snow White is the most historically significant film, but given the choice I'd rather watch Tangled.

Dinosaur was the first (though it inserted CGI characters into live action environments). Indeed, Tangled is more "in the Disney style" than the other CG works they've done (the aforementioned Little, Bolt, Meet the Robinsons, etc.). But by the same token, it feels really weird to me that a traditional Disney princess tale was told with CGI. Nonetheless, I'm with you, thisisspartacus, in that I would rather watch Tangled over Snow White. #1 vs. #50. This is a neat matchup.

Snow White has that old school Disney charm, and, for me, it wins this match-up.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarf is the second best animation