The Dark Knight vs. The Lego Movie



so both movies have good stories, cast and all that good stuff but we all know this match up comes down to batman. Now I can easily watch a 3 hour movie of Bale Batman he has all the essentials and the growl doesn't bother me as much as most, but Will Arnett Batman I could watch all day and night all year round Lego wins

The Lego Movie was great and all, but lets be real here ... TDK is legendary!

Yeah, TDK is probably the better overall movie, but The Lego Movie has so much damn fun with itself!

I mean TDK is better. That's not saying anything against Lego though. Lego will probably end up being on my top ten of the year. I think Lego probably had less plot holes than TDK too!

Darkness. No parents. Super rich. Kinda makes it better.

"Very, very dark grey." The Lego Movie's a overrated (and the live-action crap at the end was just crap at the end), but it did skewer TDK's ridiculously jejune pseudo-gravitas on a couple occasions, so there's that. Still doesn't approach the leave-your-brain-at-the-door funz of TDK though.

"Jejune pseudo-gravitas". Jesus Christ. I'll play the dumb guy and go with The Lego Movie.

an* overrated film* -- That was probably more worthy of the "Jesus Crimbo" exclamation. Did you know the guy was a Jew?

Who doesn't anyway?

Jay and Silent Bob.

Ah, Clerks II. I see. Kevin Smith's work is still a blindspot for me, better fix that this year.

Awesome = Batman fighting The Joker. No fucking contest at all.

I really like The Lego Movie but it can't touch The Dark Knight.

The Lego Movie is way more impressive as a film than I could have ever anticipated. But Dark Knight still wins.

The Lego Movie was so much better than I thought it was going to be but The Dark Knight still wins easily.

The Lego Movie is the best Batman film of all-time.

The Lego Movie is the best Batman film of all-time.

Lego Batman wins.

LEGO Movie is a toy commercial, Dark Knight is a masterful crime drama!

The LEGO movie is good but it can’t beat TDK.