The Dark Knight vs. Forrest Gump



now this is what i call a hard choice, if only a can choose both., i cant decide, what am i gonna do now, sheeesh, cmon, im stuck here, cant i just skip this? aaargh, okay, okay, sorry heath ledger..

Run, Forrest, Run!!!

Forrest Gump is timeless

Forrest Gump is one of the stupidest movies ever made. I don't find it clever or endearing rewriting history in order to accommodate a moron. The Dark Knight is better because the characters are thinking beings rather than some simpleton who just bumbles into prosperity, or magically attains it.

Can't really stand Spielberg, but adore Nolan. He's our modern movie master.

As expected, The Dark Knight is slowly moving down my list over time. Upon it's inception, TDK was easily my number 1, but it's been usurped by better judgement time and time again. It's time I knock it down 1 more notch and play flip flop with my all time favorite Dram/Com.


After recently seeing Forrest Gump again, The Dark Knight easily wins this for me.

@blaste: Forrest Gump is not Spielberg, it's Zemeckis. But anyway, Gump is great, but not Dark Knight great.

The point of Forrest Gump is not just a retarded man who does extraordinary things. It's about the retainment of innocence throughout an indecent time. How a man who has an underdeveloped sense of pain or strife deals with the pain of others. A man who doesn't let the restraints of what society tells him he should or shouldn't do stop him from doing things. And besides all that, the historical allusions in the film are terrific. Although it is very unrealistic story it's also a very powerful story. Now that being said The Dark Knight is still better.

The Dark Knight is the most overrated movie ever. Forrest Gump wins this one.

Oh god such a hard choice. I hate to pick Dark Knight because Forrest Gump is so amazing. But I pick just for the sheer awesomeness I felt when seeing DK in theaters. I think it's just a personal bias of mine too and maybe I would have picked Gump if I saw it in theaters.

You can't compare these. Forrest is touching. And The Dark Knight is.....loud. Forrest wins.

Maybe it's my overexposure to grandiloquence, but I think the best way to describe Forest Gump is by calling him a forgot cunt.

*faggot. God damn this corrective 'droid blocks.

*bollocks. Aaaaaaaargh!!!!

There is only one clear winner.

The Dark Knight has two things going against it. First, it is not even better than the first in the Nolan trilogy. Second, it should have ended with the Joker.

Joker shoots the other film in the "but-tocks". Dark Knight

I love both, but the Dark Knight is more complete and a better rewatch

I pick Gump! I know....but I do

Dark Knight. Easy

i'll hand it to forrest gump

The Dark Knight is miles ahead of Forrest Gump, which in my opinion, stole the coveted Best Picture Oscar.

I really not a fan of Forrest Gump myself idk just something about it .... so The Dark Night for me

^This guy

I'll go Forrest Gump...everyday of the week.

The Dark Knight!!! My Favorite Movie of all time!!!

Forrest Gump is most emotional, Dark Knight are normal film

I like Forrest Gump but I love The Dark Knight

I will go with forrest gump

"Let's put a smile on that face. So, why so serious?"

"Let's put a smile on that face. So, why so serious?"

My momma said "you have to put the past behind bfore you can move on"

Dark Knight over Gump..

The dark knight destroys the overrated forrest gump.

The dark knight destroys the overrated forrest gump.