The Dark Knight vs. The Godfather Part II



Both are over-rated... but The Dark Knight is at least entertaining.

The Godfather Part 2.

The two greatest sequels ever made in my eyes (Empire who?). Their respective approaches are vastly different though. While The Godfather II continues the grand style and feel of the original, The Dark Knight's look is almost entirely different from that of Begins. You gotta give Nolan the credit for this. He was willing to take more risks than Coppola. Another difference is the weight the protagonists carry in the story. Begins is all about Bruce where as The Dark Knight sort of sidelines him and focuses instead on Harvey and The Joker. It's quite the opposite in the case of The Godfather II with almost the entire plot revolving around Michael who had been more of a supporting character in the original. There are certain similarities as well. Excellent performances by the supporting cast steal the show, more so in TDK than Part II. Ledger and De Niro absolutely deserved their respective supporting actor oscars. Eckhart's underrated performance is a treat to watch as well. A disturbing transformation from the ideal Harvey to the menacing Two-Face. Of course, who can forget the tragic endings of these two fine films? Michael is a lonely fella at the top by the end of the movie with no loved ones around him. In TDK, Bruce takes the blame for Harvey's crimes, who is unable to prevent himself from getting brainwashed by The Joker. Batman escaping on the batpod with Gotham cops in pursuit paints a truly sad and epic picture. Fabulous films both but I guess I'll go with Batman. Ridiculously difficult for me :(

More comments needed for this intense match-up.

TDK is just too much for the mob...again.

I think TDK is a masterpiece of its genre, but it simply cannot beat Godfather 2.

I love both. The Dark Knight is a favorite of mine though.

This matchup is very slept on, it should have dozens and dozens of comments. I think Al Pacino's performance in this film is miles ahead of Heath Ledger's.

The Godfather Part II

#4 and #6 on my chart, and yeah it really is that close. TDK slides by.

Two very well made sequels that surpass the greatness of their predecessors. I agree with robmoviefilms13 Al Pacino is light years ahead of Heath Ledger.

Personally, I think Christian Bale's performance is easily on par with Pacino's.

Dark Knight for me

TGF2 easily

surprised this matchup has so less comments.

Two of the greatest sequels ever made. The only film that comes close is Empire.

Two legendary sequels. Dark Knight still has a lot to prove if it wants to be up there with the big boys, instead of 'some superhero flick'. But it almost gets a victory, but Godfather 2 wins by pinfall.

The Godfather Part II...

I'm honestly giving it to Dark Knight.

I do agree that Al Pacino's performance is better than Heath Ledger's, but The Dark Knight wins this.

Dark knight

godfather 2

The Godfather Part II is the greatest film ever made in my opinion, though not quite my favorite (its a top 5 film). The Dark Knight just can't compete.

Yeah, Godfather II is the winner here.

dark knight is so overrated actually - jsut watched it

Such outstanding masterpieces!

TDK is pretty overrated, Godfather II is the definite winner here...

TDK can't win here

I'm going with batman here. Both are classics and both follow T2 and Aliens for the best sequels ever made.

Better late than never. I'm taking Batman for being more entertaining. Love Part 2 though.

Godfather 2 is far better.

Even though it has been stated numerous times above, I simply cannot write a comment without mentioning that these are two of the greatest sequels ever. I'd say that The Dark Knight, The Empire Strikes Back and The Godfather Part II are the greatest sequels ever made, with T2 up there as well, lalong with The Two Towers (however, The Two Towers is the only one of these films that generally speaking didn't improve upon the first film. Although that was a tough act to follow after The Fellowship of the Ring, and the fact that it was so close to equal Fellowship makes it deserved of a spot up there). Ledger and Pacino both deliver legendary performances, and the supporting cast of these two films make up two of the best ensembles in movie history. Personally, I think that The Dark Knight is the greatest sequel ever made. Not only because it improves such a healthy amount on its predecessor, but also because I think it simply is the greatest sequel ever. But, both of these films are so good, you cannot go wrong with either one.

Godfather Part II may be the slightly better one, but I much prefer the more fast paced Dark Knight, an action with thought and layers put into it. Another reason is because Michael Corleone is a douche.

I don't know which one to choose. I mean yeah godfather part 2 is technically the better movie but i would rather watch dark knight again. It is much more rewatchable . Gonna side with dark knight for now

The Dark Knight

The Godfather Part II very Amazing!!

I took nothing away from Godfather Part 2. It tried to do too much and yet it was incredibly dull. The Dark Knight is a masterful thriller (not comic book movie, THRILLER)

Dark Knight is AMAZING!! but in this one Godfather 2 wins!

Dark Knight is the better movie squeal.

Dark Knight is the better movie squeal.

I have to say Dark Knight is far better sequel of all time.

TDK takes it.


The dark knight is barely the best movie sequel here.

i enjoyed TDK way more, but gf2 is 100% the better movie no doubts

The dark knight for sure.

The Dark Knight is only acclaimed because Heath Ledger was amazing and it had a decent third act. In my opinion, it's very overrated, though a decent superhero flick. Everything about The Godfather Part II is better, from the characters to the themes. GF2 smashes.

Also, I found Al Pacino to have better acting than Ledger. Ledger was amazing, no doubt, but Pacino's was far more chilling and grounded. It really felt real.


The Dark Knight by a hair

My #1 vs my #4. Part II might technically be the better movie, but The Dark Knight is definitely on the same level and is same league, and isn't "just some superhero movie" It's my favorite movie all time (With Pulp Fiction as my #2), and it wins here.

The Dark Knight, though I still really like it, has diminished for me on each viewing. GFII on the other hand, has only gotten better.

Close one, went with TDK.

I love both but I gotta say, Godfather Part II is infinitely superior

I found The Godfather Part 2 to be too long, drag in certain parts, become uninteresting with the amount of characters being introduced but it's still a great film with great performances just not very entertaining. The Dark Knight is SO MUCH more fun and while it may not be a better film I would rather watch it any day of the week.

Sequels that are better than the original in my preference, however The Dark Knight usurps Part II if I pontificate.

The Godfather Part 2 is probably the best film I've ever seen, even with all the phenomenal films I've seen in the past. And I don't think it's even fair to compare it to TDK of all things. So yeah, The Godfather Part 2 absolutely wins this

TDK slaughters here

The Godfather Part II

TDK is Good, but overrated


Godfather 2 is no competing good enough as the first original

TDK. But wow these are two of the best sequels ever made

Coppola still wins for me.