The Dark Knight vs. Joker



The Dark Knight.

The dark knight.


The Dark Knight is still king.

No way in hell Dark Knight isn't a better film!

TDK is still on top...


The Dark Knight but both films are excellent.

The Dark Knight is the best of joker, the joker film far this year was modern crap fest.

What makes Joaquin's Joker such an eerie character is the fact that, though he works fully well as a unique interpretation in his own universe, one can easily see him evolving into Heath Ledger's Joker in The Dark Knight that will go on to torment Batman with his eccentric mannerisms, hunched posture, clicking sounds, sadistic games and nihilistic acts of violence. Every great villain, no matter how omnipotent, has a past and Phoenix's Joker carries the plausibility of that "one bad day," that push of gravity into madness, Ledger's Joker probably went through to become an unstoppable force of nature. That would explain why Heath's Joker is loath to share the real details about his, no doubt, traumatic past in The Dark Knight. You see, a villain like The Joker isn't actually born out of chaos or chance, his coming if anything is ensured by supernatural forces to bring a sick society like Gotham to reckoning. So The Joker's coming is in many ways prophetic and even necessary, and what we see of Arthur is merely an incipient stage of the supernatural force that will become Heath's Joker. Oh yeah, about the match-up itself – gotta hand it to The Dark Knight, although there's just about nothing that I disliked about "Joker." - except maybe the problematic age gap between Batman (Bruce Wayne) and Joker (Arthur). But I suppose that can be explained by Arthur's suffering and abuse making him look a lot older than he is.


Ditto PiccoloKing and I also give the slight edge to Dark Knight.

Joker didn’t make as great watchable as the dark knight did but on the other hand joker from the dark knight is rarely the best of the real joker of the conclusion.

The Dark Knight manages to be a darker take on Batman without being overwhelmingly dark and unpleasant. In fact, it's rather fun, despite all the death. Joker does not manage that same feat and, for me, fails completely as a result. I don't want to watch an unfunny crazy man go around murdering folks, all while the movie tries (and fails) to make me root for, or at least sympathize with, him for a variety of reasons. There's something to be said for the rich not understanding or caring about the plight of the less fortunate, or the rich and powerful not adequately caring for the mentally ill, but Joker seems to only pay lip service to these things. I mean, for example, whether he's on or off his meds, the guy seems about the same, so it's hard to perceive the funding of his therapist (and drug prescriber) being cut as that much of an injustice.

Frankly, the Joker SUCKS as a film. That's the bottom line.

Not even close, the dark knight is the opposite real film that increases the greater tighter film.

the dark knight is better but joker isnt shit like all you shitholes say it is

Nolan: Why did your film make more money than mine? Phillips: You Wouldn't get it. TDK is good but it's easily the weakest of the trilogy and very overrated. Ruined by Louis Bloom's sisters terrible acting and plot holes galore that people love to ignore. Heath Ledger's Joker and Aaron Eckhart's Two-Face as well as the supporting cast including Michael Caine, Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman save the film from being a total disaster. Not only did Joker have a tight script but was a well-crafted masterpiece that will age as well as films like 2001, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and Fight Club did. Keep in mind all 3 of those films weren't well received at first but as the years went by got instantly recognized as classics. So yeah, Joker without hesitation.

Christopher Nolan: Why did your film make more money than mine? Todd Phillips: You wouldn't get it.

Probably TDK, but it's extremely close.

i swear half of these comments here don't even get joker

The dark knight not even close.

Joker is painfully terrible.

TDKR is better than Joker.

Joker is just shit for shit people.

Joker is a pathetic, pretentious piece of shit.

Epic Movie is indeed better than Joker. A way better, actually.

Joker is fucking garbage.

Let us be honest, Joker is easily one of the shittiest movies ever.

A georgeus bunch of crap.

Joker is trash for children.

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Joker is the best DC movie of the decade, The Dark Knight is the best DC movie

Joker wins but heat ledgers joker is better

joker wins. i like joaquin phoenix more than heath ledger. that lucas guy spamming for dark knight doesn't know shit. prety sure arthur stabbing randall repeatedly to death is for children right, no fuck off

I never thought any comic book movie would ever surpassed the Nolan trilogy, but Joker proved me wrong quickly.