The Dark Knight vs. Once Upon a Time in the West



Both films are in my top 20, but The Dark Knight cracks my top 5.

The Dark Knight sucks and it is TOO OVERRATED, Once Upon a Time in the West is the true classic winner here.

The West is probably the better movie (although it is hard to tell which one is better), but I prefer TDK out of these two masterpieces.

Really tough matchup. Going with Leone here.

Leone is one of the best when it comes to westerns but as a film I prefer The Dark Knight.

Two of the defining films of their respective decades, going with the Dark Knight.

I find OUATITW dull and forgettable. Dark Knight is the complete opposite because of the great acting and incredibly smart and well written script!

I have to go with The Dark Knight. Once Upon a Time in the West was always a little ponderous for my taste.

The Dark Knight is higher in my top

Once Upon a Time in the West beats overblown every time.