The Dark Knight vs. Spider-Man



Spider-man has always been my favorite superhero but I have to say that The Dark Knight is the superior film in this showdown

Tough choice. Would be tougher if it was Spidey II.

No question. Dark Knight kicks the web-slinger's butt any day of the week.

i love Spidey but he has yet to be brought to the screen properly. But Nolan's Batman is great.

The Joker is the superior villain here, and tips the scales to Dark Knight.

Sorry, i enjoyed Spidey more.

The Dark Knight presented a better villain, not to mention dialogue that didn't make me want to stab my eardrum with a pencil ("Aunt May, is that an Angel?" *blech*), so, yeah, TDK. Flawless victory.

Spider man is good. But The Dark Knight is great.

TDK all the way.

I love Spidey but better than TDK? Nah.

Spidey has heart and is an inspiring super-hero and Raimi does well as does McGuire. Yet nothing can stand up to Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. Nolan takes a classic hero, uses the aspects that fans most appreciate, allows inspiration of the stories to move within but follows and creates a masterpiece that is all his own.

Both are great. Though it's hard to compare the two.

TDK, and it's not close.

One thing that sucks about TDK is that it does a shitty job portraying Gotham. As someone who doesn't know much about Batman, all I learned about Gotham after I saw that movie is that it's kinda dark and full of tall buildings and crime there happens sometimes. I could have already told you that! Some people besides Batman, The Joker, etc. may or may not live there. I guess. Spiderman's kind of shitty overall (but nobody thought that when it came out, people were singing the exact same praise of "finally a superhero movie got it right!" in 2002), but it does create a world that has some signs of life and culture in it, so that's the one I'd pick.

Oh, Fok, man, I thought you loved TDK ;) ;)

Spider-Man is the best Nolan film and TDK is the best Marvel film.

The Dark Knight by far.

Spider-Man raised the bar for superhero movies, but The Dark Knight then raised it even higher.

I agree with everyone here. And even though my appreciation for TDK has rescinded, I would still pick it over Spider-Man.

The Dark Knight easily

al though dark knight is overrated I still think it wins this machtup. But had it been the second...

Love Spider-Man but The Dark Knight wins easily.


Dark Knight rapes Spider-Man..

The dark knight

dark knight superior to the spider-man 1 movie

yea TDK beats any spiderman or marvel movies by far

I'll be one of the contrarians and go with the first Spider-Man. I'm sorry, TDK is great of course, but I prefer superhero movies with a bit of comedy and romance to dark and gritty ones, plain and simple.

The Dark Knight, and it's not even close

The Dark Knight gets less impressive with each passing year. Spider-Man remains the standard other superhero films aspire to