The Dark Knight vs. Batman




Believe it or not, I actually prefer the '66 ... it's just way too much fun, in spite of (or rather, because of) the cheese factor.


Why even go here?

How dare flickchart even think of putting these two films side by side, to compare Nolan's masterfully painted masterpiece that shines down on all us undeserving mortals who have no business speaking his name. The mere Idea that one could even connect their eyes to that detestable shlock of a TV series is a disgraceful fool who lacks any worth or value. I can only grieve for The Dark Knight as he has a stained history thanks to this uncontainable disaster of a film/TV show, and when they release the full series of the old TV show this year I can only say I will be first in line to buy it with shame on my face, and I will watch it twice a week then curse its unholy name. to make a long comment short can't wait for the T.V. show to come out this year on Blu-ray, and my vote goes to Adam West.

I'll go out Batman on the lead here! Yippe-ki-yay, moth--SquareMaster!

Amazing how one character has been through so many incarnations. The Dark Knight wins.

The only thing Adam West should ever be remembered for when he passes is "Mayor West" Everything else should be buried and forgotten.

^Wow, that's just pathetic.

The '66 Batman is a ton of fun, but The Dark Knight wins this without a doubt.

*laughs*. I had a lot of fun with the '66 Batman but it's up against The Dark Knight!

Dark Knight, but Batman '66 is very enjoyable.