The Dark Knight vs. Star Wars



Childhood favorite (and still a huge part of my life) or a modern day classic (which could last for years/decades)? Going with Star Wars. Even though I like the Dark Knight, Star Wars (and its two followers)is still my favorite movie of all time. And am I the only person who really didn't like the non-practial makeup on Two Face? Should have used the make up artist from Let the Right One In (acid face) or even Hannibal.

Very tough choice indeed. I have to go with Star Wars too because (especially for the first one) Lucas created an entire new universe on his own, whereas Dark Knight, however brilliant it is, is still a sequel among a franchise and therefore demanded less of a creative effort. And apart from the fact that I kept thinking that two-face's eye should dry out since he couldn't blink, I thought the makeup (or rather the special effect) was awesome.

Oh cripeys! How do you compare these two? But it just has to be Star Wars for me -- first movie I saw in the theater at 6 years old...

Star Wars all the way!!

Star Wars is a nice fantasy, but the Dark Knight is gripping cinema.

No competition here, it's Star Wars.

E.A.S.Y. The Jedi over Batman

2 of my favorite villans, Vader and Joker. Star Wars has the nostalgia effect, but in my opinion TDK has the better acting despite Christian Bales batman voice and is more exciting to watch.


Really close but Star Wars is the most endearing. It was a landmark in cinema.

Although 'The Dark Knight' had brilliant acting (mostly thanks to Heath Ledger) and was a visually stunning, gripping thriller, 'Star Wars' was simply the better film.

This is touch, but I choose Star Wars; it was a landmark film, introduced me to some of the greatest characters ever, and the mythical archetype is tremendous.

Star Wars. As good as Dark Knight is, Star Wars is so much bigger.

#1 and 2 on Flickchart, eh? Let me say this: The world of cinema owes George Lucas a huge debt of gratitude for Star Wars. And the films of the original trilogy were probably my favorites as a kid. But now that I've grown up, I think The Dark Knight is a superior film.

This is what I was waiting for, I have to go with Star Wars. Maybe its cause im a geek but damn that is a great film. Dark Knight is probably as close as you can get to a perfect film and execution but star wars will win every day.

Not to dispute its greatness, but there are 3 serious problems with the Dark Knight: A - The Bat-voice, 2) The Bat-vision thing, and C) The total waste of the talents & character of Maggie Gyllenhall.

The Dark Knight will beat many films but Star Wars is not one of them.


Star Wars is in no way better than The Dark Knight. It just has the novelty factor going for it. But I could look past that. The Dark Knight gets my vote.

Star Wars. I am so simple...nostalgia almost always wins :/

The Joker vs. Darth Vader! Another sinister showdown of villains.

Nobody will remember The Dark Knight in 10 years. Once the novelty value wears of and all that "gotta-see-it-because-Heath Ledger-died" disappears in time people will realize it is one of the most overrated movies ever. Good sure. But milestone? masterpiece?? Not a chance in hell. Star Wars transcends generations.

Dark Knight is a superior film to anything Lucas has directed and will be remembered throughout time as one of the greatest and most unjustifiably Oscar shunned films in the history of cinema.

No. I LOVE The Dark Knight and Heath Ledger's Joker, but there is no discussion. I don't think Dark Knight is better than any of the original 3 Star Wars movies.

I just decided and clicked and two seconds later I get the same choice again. What is that, flickchart? Do you suggest I chose wrong? xD AGAIN - Star Wars!

Star Wars. Two great films. One has played a major role in the shaping of pop culture. Simple as that...

For most film-lovers over 30, this is no contest.

Star Wars > Dark Knight.

This shouldn't even be close, The Dark Knight is quite possibly the most overrated film I have ever seen. Star Wars is so much better.

The Dark Knight is great, but its Star Wars were talking about here.

The Dark Knight. I love them both, but The Empire Strikes Back is superior to both of these films.

Star Wars by far. TDK doesn't even come close.

Both are great, but The Dark Knight wins this one.

Star Wars, but check back with me in 30 years...

Even the best Star Wars film (Empire) can't compete with Nolan's tragic tale of the caped crusader. Not even close.

Star Wars.. My Bible

I dig both of these, but the worship they each receive often makes me roll my eyes.

Lucasfilm owns the rights to this 'Bible' you speak of, right?

Not even Christopher Nolan can beat Star Wars.

Leia is my favorite Disney princess...never mind. Star Wars.

There's no beating the loveable characters in A New Hope.

Dunno but star wars, with its outdated effects, childish storyline, ridiculous concepts of force and others, mediocre performances, cliche lines & stupid scenes didn't work for me at all. TDK is wayyy better.

Star Wars is amazing and one of my favorites, but The Dark Knight only loses to 3 movies in my book and Star Wars ain't one of them.

Star Wars definitely for me...

Sorry TDK, it looks like you'll be losing this matchup.

OK, I love TDK a lot more than Star Wars, but I'm not going to let my bias get in the way of selecting what clearly is the better movie. Star Wars wins.

TDK i guess

hard. Very very hard.

star wars, what flickbill said. I also like the universe of star wars better than batman's

Batman and Nolan ftw!

Gosh I really hate putting down Star Wars but I think I've got to go with The Dark Knight

Star Wars for me

I have to say The Dark Knight mainly because of Heath Ledger and I'll admit, I like the Bat Voice even though it's kind of silly but it worked really well in some scenes for me like the interrogation scene with the Joker. His voice was intimidating in that. Bale will always be my Batman after Kevin Conroy. TDK but SW is close.

Star Wars wins ill give Dark Knight 30 years to mature

I can't go against The Dark Knight.

Might have to go star wars

May the Force be with you

As much as I love the original Star Wars, I felt The Dark Knight had a deeper message.

Darth Vader

Dark knight crushes star wars

Star Wars crushes Dark Knight.

Star Wars, sorry Batman

both flawed films, but i prefer the dark knight

I love both movies. The Dark Knight wins because it's complexity and creativity.

I often enjoy Dark Knight more.

Dark Knight is more sensational better, it is much of a great story action movie in the century while Star Wars has more flaws and makes more sequels and merchandise and certainly not aged well I have to say Dark Knigh is a full time better.

Star Wars. What are we even talking about here? Not a contest.

Switching to Star Wars.

Must go with Star Wars.

Yet again it’s Star Wars.


Star Wars destorys any Batman movie.

Star Wars destorys Batman movie.

Star Wars destroys any Batman movie.

Absolutely love both but Star Wars is the far unbeatable of the universe here.

TDK but SW is great aswell.

Love both very much but The dark knight takes it.

Star Wars is amazing and one of my favorites, but I just enjoyed The Dark Knight a bit more.