The Dark Knight vs. Heat



My #2 and #3 movies on Flickchart. The best Batman movie, and the crime film that was a heavy influence on it. No wonder I liked The Dark Knight so much.

Heat is definitely better than The Dark Knight is. But The Dark Knight is a good movie too.

Christopher Nolan has confirmed that one of his influences for The Dark Knight is Heat.


It's close, but The Dark Knight is just too damn good.

The characters are so much more interesting in The Dark Knight. I can see the Michael Mann influence but TDK goes one step further than Heat.

TDK owes a lot to Heat. Michael Mann's crime epic beats Nolan's superhero masterpiece.

Both films feature opening heist sequences that are very riveting. I'll have to go with The Dark Knight, but both are absolutely phenomenal.

The Dark Knight for now

One word -- Heat.


Heat was really good in the sense that it had a great story arc. But it was so predictable. I mean when DeNiro's character spoke of the the hypothetical story of walking away from his girlfriend did anyone actually see that not playing out? But DeNiro and Pacino are both great in their roles. The Dark Knight on the other hand was completely unpredictable, probably because the central idea of the film itself is chaos. But the Dark Knight had it easier because Nolan added stuff which could only be used in a superhero movie. But what gives the Dark Knight the edge is the beautiful battle of philosophies which formed the basis of the film. The dialogue is poetic to say the least. I admire both but The Dark Knight took it to a new grizzly and uncomfortable level.

Everyone talks about the great heist in Heat - and it is great - but, c'mon: it's only 5 - 10 minutes in the entire 170 minute long film. The rest is mostly relationship drama filler, and it's not riveting in the least. The Dark Knight is a much more enjoyable but also much better film.

I was actually introduced to Heat after learning that it was a major influence on The Dark Knight. Heat is very good but it doesn't match The Dark Knight.



The Dark Knight wins this fight.

Ledger gives TDK the edge, without him Heat would've taken it.

The Dark Knight, but it's close.

I'm going with Heat....