The Dark Knight vs. Memento



Very very touch choice. Christopher Nolan is such an astounding film maker (though he's due a flop one of these days!). Memento by a nose, just because the story has less holes the more you think about it. Barely.


Not too many films can beat Memento. TDK is one of them. Barely.

From a purely critical perspective Memento is the more cohesive and coherent film and is far more inovative in its narrative arc. The performaces are wonderful but its really a one man show. TDK has more charaters with more to do, and while in need of some tightneing up, shines so brightly (including the super-nova of the Joker) in spots that I will give the nod to it.

The Dark Knight is the more flawed of the two, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying it more.


Dark Knight left a much, much stronger impression on me than Memento. And that's saying a lot.

TDK for sure. I guess I don't love it because of the excessive hype, but it sure beats Memento, that is a gigantic flaw. (And for those who want to criticise me, the reason I say what I say is because it makes no sense... He would have had to learn his methods for remembering stuff, like the pictures or the tattoos before his accident, which doesn't make sense. Other than that, enjoyable movie). And all of this came after my second watching of Memento, with my psychology teacher... So he's to blame. I had liked it the first time.

Damn. Dark Knight is more flawed but more entertaining.

The Dark Knight...not a Guy Pearce fan, but Memento was a great movie.

Memento might just be the best low budget, indie film ever made. The thing is, The Dark Knight is among the best big budget, A-list films ever made. Memento would win if we were judging the screenplay and originality. The Dark Knights wins out in just about every other category.

Memento. Still to this day, I've never seen anything like it. I'm not sure I ever will....

Dark Knight entertains more than one time

Nolan is an intelligent filmmaker and this match-up is proof of that.

I've seen Memento 3, 4 times and it still entertains. And it wins this one.


So hard to choose, I'll give it to Memento, and hopefully not regret it later.

I'm bipolar when it comes to this decision. TDK for now

This is hard. I've always seen Memento as Nolan's best film. Just couldn't gather the courage to place TDK behind it in the past. Found that courage today.

Both films are equally magnificent and work on a relatable level. Harvey Dent is basically the legitimised version of Batman and he is punished for having that privilege. Memento is one of the most inventive and witty thrillers of all time, but the added benefit of great action scenes and Heath Ledger's performance really give The Dark Knight the edge here, as Nolan's masterpiece.

I love TDK, but Memento is the smarter movie. Memento shows Nolan's genius more so than any of his other movies, and that's saying a mouthful right there considering the likes of Inception, Prestige, and TDK. Memento is without question my favorite Nolan film.

Both very good but Memento is a lot cleverer with its story and structure and, therefore, wins

Holy fuck! Memento only just edges out the dark knight here.

Two of Nolan's best films. The Dark Knight.

Christopher Nolan's two best films. That being said, The Dark Knight is the better Nolan film.

My two favourite Nolan movies at the current moment. The Dark Knight gets the win, though this might change when I re-watch both.

The Dark Knight by far. But Memento is bloody amazing.

I went back an re-watched TDK yet again. It's a fine movie, but Memento is a modern day masterpiece. Seriously, there hasn't been a single movie made this century that I would put ahead of Memento... and that's saying a lot!!! The LOTR trilogy and Inception come the closest, but I still put Memento ahead of them.

Memento is a better movie.

When I first saw Memento, I thought it was a masterpiece. But the more I watch, the more flawed it appears. (Leonard should be, just like Mr. Jankis, blissfully unaware of his condition. Further more, there is no way he could have remembered his methods of taking pictures and making notes every time his memory refreshes. And how does he remember that he is supposed to believe all the junk tattooed to his body? I found this a very hard to swallow. If I woke up each morning and discovered my whole body covered with tattoos, I'd question who put them there and whether I should believe them or not.) Memento didn't live up to multiple viewings for me. As I've grown The Dark Knight has really gone up on my list. So yes I think The Dark Knight is still Nolan's magnum opus.

My two favourite Nolan movies... I think I'll go with Memento here but it's very close

The Dark Knight is really good but I don't love it like many do. Memento wins.

I liked Dark Knight in 1st view. In following views, this is an mediocre film. Memento is better in following views...

Memento wins and wins easily

The Dark Knight is a good movie but Memento was more groundbreaking.

Dark Knight!

Both are very good masterpieces but Dark Knight the better Nolan film imo.

Memento. Nolan's best

Whatever advantage Memento has in presentation style Dark Knight makes up for by virtue of being the best Batman movie of all time. Strip away the unique formatting of Memento and it's a pretty basic neo noir. So, Dark Knight is more epic in scope as well.


Going with Memento.

Both forgettable useless films.

The dark knight is easily the best Nolan film in this area.

The dark knight is easily the best Christopher Nolan film in my experience.

The Dark Knight is a very compelling movie that's been growing on me, but Memento is the one here that keeps me way more engaged and I also like the way the story is told better.

The Dark Knight handily.

Well its pretty simple, Memento is obviously the better movie on every level if you watch a lot of movies from the past, i mean like 1940-2000, if you watch a lot of movies primarily after 2000, you will like The Dark Knight, its easy to follow and requires less overall intelligence. Memento is for people who feel things deeply and The Dark Knight is like every superhero movie "an escape from people's normal not so interesting lives in present day society"


Hard choice but slight nod to Dark Knight

As yet the dark knight is easily the rare best nolan film in the entire century saga.

Dark Knight is a great crime thriller with a great storyline and fantastic performances but I just find myself more engage in Memento!

The dark knight wins but memento is still a masterpiece

nolan's two best films, TDK wins

The Dark Knight wins this

memento may just be better than the dark knight

TDK may be easier to enjoy, Memento is simply Nolan's best movie

TDK is Nolan’s best film of all