The Dark Knight vs. American History X



Another hard one.



Dark Knight wins here, though AHX is great and unrelenting, there isn't a character quite as memorable as the Joker, nor does TDK have an actor quite as bad as Furlong. Dark Knight FTW!

The Dark Knight is on another level than its opponent

I cannot see Dark Knight winning here.

The Joker curb stomps Derek Vinyard in this matchup.

American History X may be the more important film but TDK was a bigger achievement in film-making. However, even Ledger's awesome performance can't compete with Ed Norton's portrayal of Derek Vinyard.

I feel sorry for American History X...It comes so close to beating the Dark Knight

The Dark Knight wins despite AHX being amazing.

Two sinister portrayals. But I definitely must agree with PiccoloKing, in saying that Edward Norton's Derek Vinyard is a much more relatable, believable and interesting character than The Joker. In other words: both are good, but Edward Norton has a better performance. American History X all the way.

Not that close, AHX by quite a bit.

After recently watching AHX for the very FIRST TIME, I was perplexed and admirably entertained. I might even go as far to say that Norton's performance is better than Ledger's.

The Dark Knight wins, but History X is vastly underrated.

Me being a bigger Batman fan prefers TDK by just a small margin.

History X is amazing. Dark Knight is much better though