The Dark Knight vs. RoboCop



It kills me to say it, but Robocop.

robo cop is a good and original film but the dark knight takes the cake...

RoboCop, I fucking love it.

RoboCop...too awesome.

It's gotta be Robocop

RoboCop is a lot of fun but, come on, we're talking about The Dark Knight here.

RoboCop is very cool and fun to watch but Dark Knight destroys it... i dont see competition here.

I can't deny that The Dark Knight is probably the better movie, but I had much more fun with RoboCop, so that gets my vote.

Dark Knight is one of those few exceptional films that can top Robocop for me.

Still don't really get the hype around The Dark Knight. I could get bad jumbled action directing and heavyhanded morality from any other blockbuster, but only Robocop is Robocop.

Hey Joker - your move, creep!

No contest. TDK wins, it's in another league

Alright Nolan you win this one

RoboCop easily

The Dark Knight wins! Robocop is a hella fun, but Batman triumphs big.

Bitches, leave!

RoboCop all the way.

How is Robocop is ruling this, Dark Knight owns!

Sad that Commissioner Gordon was in the RoboCop remake.

The Dark Knight was good, but what a hell of a long movie. It isn't really deep nor anything, but a fine chaotic action blockbuster. That's it. RoboCop was really fun. I'd take fun over long any day.

TDK for now.

Despite how much of a Batman fanboy I am, I can't honestly say that it's better than Robocop.

Most definitely going with Robocop.

The dark knight absolutely destroys Robocop.

As much as I love RoboCop, The Dark Knight is simply exceptional