The Dark Knight vs. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring



#1 and #2 meet at last. Right now, The Fellowship of the Ring is the only film for me that can take down The Dark Knight.

When they both came out, they rally hit me. idk both of them never seem to get old, but in saying that Fellowship has been around longer.

For me, "The Two Towers" was the greatest of the LOTR trilogy; "The Dark Knight" has its flaws (never really in love with cell phone sonar), but it stands a cut above its opposition here.


Dark Knight. Hands down. Great films.


The Fellowship of the Ring trumps any Batman.

I'm a Tolkien fan from way back, so there it is.

this might be one of the hardest choices I've had to make. I love both too much for words!

I feel like I'm committing sacrilege here, but TDK is such an achievement in action thrillers and legitimizes comic books, plus it has some of the most amazing subversive discussions about crime and the nature of evil through out.

Fellowship for me. I like TDK, but I feel that it is more overrated and less deserving of acclaim than Lord of the Rings.

For me, the only LOTR movie that competes with TDK is Return of the King. For this, The Dark Knight wins. It has an ending that is a cliffhanger, but much more satisfying than Fellowship's or Tower's endings. TDK FTW!

I think The Fellowship of the Ring is much better and well made than The Dark Knight.

Tough one but i think that i'm gonna go with the dark knight.

Weird. I put the dark knight but it shows lotr instead on this.

im crying i hate this site but i love it why do you do this 2 me why

#2 vs #23- I think it'll be Lord of the Rings !

Hard but my heart goes with dark knight


The Dark Knight. Nolan's masterpiece over Lord of the Rings any day, though they're great too.

Fellowship is stiff competition but The Dark Knight is...well...The Dark Knight.

Pretty tough.

Dark Knight is quite impressive. It's the best of it's trilogy. But Fellowship lays a notably solid foundation for the greatest trilogy ever. Fellowship wins.

i love the fellowship but i love heath ledgers joker more

Ledger's Joker was indeed impressive. In fact, Ledger stole the show from Bale. If not for Ledger's Joker, this movie would be pretty forgettable.

@Nononsense- I agree, Ledger stole the show so much that Bale at times overacts (particularly in this film) in order to keep the audience focused around him. After all, he plays the main character. I however strongly disagree with you, that if it weren't for Ledger the film would be pretty forgettable. I agree that TDK is pretty overrated but I won't think 'forgettable' is the right word. Sure, it won't be as much quality filled otherwise. In any case, #1 vs #7---Fellowship still wins and I hardly see it changing any time too soon

Fellowship by a narrow margin

TDK by a little

To me, both of them are a but overrated


Best of each franchise, but the difference between each is that Fellowship (along with the rest of the LOTR franchise) is in my top 20, whereas TDK misses out. Fellowship ftw.

I prefer the journey and misticism of the first LOTR film ts my favorite of the 5 Jackson films while Dark Knight is my fav Batman film! but still LOTR wins!

Fellowship is flat out epic but it doesn't match my love for The Dark Knight.

There is no way that TDK can beat LOTR..

Sauron easly destroys Joker

The Fellowship smashes Batman

Fellowship in a game of inches...

the fellowship of the ring win quite easily......

Aspahlt chooses the 9 companions.

Lord of the Ring is way better.

The Lord of the Rings rule!

Both take a wealth of source material and transpose them to screen with finesse, but Fellowship is hands down the stronger film.

Both are awesomeness stories in the century and both are in my toppest row but Fellowship just way better..

Both films are executed with great skill, but Tdk is a film that possesses an unmatched cinematic exactitude.

11-25 Dark Knight


Fellowship is far far best.

Lord of the Rings smashes here.

Two of my favorite films, each being the best of their respective trilogy and, arguably, their genre as well. Nevertheless, I would pick Fellowship over The Dark Knight just barely due to how much I enjoyed it more.

I will never understand the hype for LOTR. Good movies? Yes. Greatest movies of all time? Not even close. The Dark Knight on the other hand is one of the greatest movies of all time.

i think the two towers is the best of the trilogy and also one of the best films of all time

It’s gotta be the the dark knight it’s my favorite

The Fellowship of the Ring for me

Fellowship introduces all its different philosophies, themes, and characters, all of which are complex and compelling. We are drawn into this vast world filled with engrossing lore, and we feel every emotion we are meant to feel. Anxiety, tension, sadness, joy, laughter, etc. It's a near-perfect film. While TDK definitely deals in more complex themes, I feel like Fellowship is slightly better, but not by much.

TDK. Just a bit more thought-provoking for me

the dark knight is way better than fellowship

LotR: FotR takes the nod, love TDK as well