The Dark Knight vs. Batman Begins



The combination of a more substantial film, a better villain in Ledger's Joker, and fantastic visuals and effects easily make The Dark Knight surpass Batman Begins in every way. It belongs in the collection of rare films that do better as a sequel than the originals.

Batman Begins was a fantastic reboot of the franchise, but I think The Dark Knight beats it based on the deeper issues it explores. (Still a really hard decision, considering the vast differences between the two.)

I hated The Dark Knight, and how everybody reacted to it. I thought Jack Nicholson's joker was better, and the movie was too dark even for Batman. Batman Begins was an amazing movie, and perhaps one of the best Batman movies of all.

The Dark Knight stunned me it was that good. Im all for the new generation and the latest goodies technology has to offer, plus the fine work of Heath and Christian together is just great. Batman Begins didnt make me go WOW unlike dark knight. Loved it.

MateoU2 obviously knows nothing of film. Anyone that does would easily say that The Dark Knight is a better film. Not only that but Heath Ledger made Jack Nicholson look like a bitch. The Dark Knight was an incredible movie with a great story and characters with character development that is second to very few. "Some me just like to watch the world burn." So very true and Heath's portrayal of The Joker was the kind of performance that legends are made of. Great Movie.

Aside from being the best Batman film to date, it was a damn exceptional film, Batman Begins is way more gritty, urban, & sedated, & thoroughly lacking a dynamic villain. Heath Ledger's Joker will go down as one of the greatest, most complex villains in film history, there is absolutely no contest between these two.

Batman Begins had the better storyline and writing, IMO. Sure, the Joker was a more prominent villian than Ra's Al Gouhl, but then again, the movie isnt called The Joker, it's called BATMAN. The TDK storyline suffered form too much Two-Face, too many storylines, and tried too much to be HEAT. The way Begins dealt with Batman being pure fear is the best I've seen this character.

Begins is great but TDK is unforgettable.

Batman Begins. I recently saw The Dark Knight on HBO, and liked it better than in the theater. But I still have problems with it, mostly due to its length and the unfortunate decision to try to establish and then resolve Two Face. It would have been much better to simple create the character, and leave him for another movie. And I'm honestly surprised that the depiction of Two Face doesn't draw more fire. Throughout its running time, The Dark Knight takes great pains to establish a real grounding for the Batman story - to explain how his gadgets work, to show that he can be hurt, to put him a "real" world. Then along comes Two Face with this ludicrous, cartoonish effect complete with a rolling eyeball and exposed jaw tissue - I just can't get over it. A really, really, really big misstep by Christopher Nolan and company that severely undermines the film for me. Sure, the primary antagonist of Batman Begins is not nearly as compelling, but as a whole, the movie just worked better for me - none of its mistakes are nearly as jarring as those of The Dark Knight.

TDK had few better elements (like cinematography or some great scenes), and of course brilliant Joker, but Batman Begins is in my opinion better as a movie - Batman Begins is more consistent, and had better story and atmosphere.

The Dark Knight is one of the few sequels that can be considered better than the original.

No Contest, TDK is what Batman is all about. Not to mention, that they nailed the characters and anyone who says otherwise probably does not read.

Batman Begins, quite comfortably. The Joker is set up the best and is easily the best character in a Batman movie to date with the collaborative efforts of Heath Ledger and the Nolans. The Nolans wrote brilliantly to devise a series of introductory sequences designed to electrify audiences from the get go, and the introductory scene with the bank job and the scene introducing him to the mobsters are both unforgettable... BUT... The movie is far too caught up in boosting Joker and is written with a considerably worse flow to it than Begins. The pacing issues are also weren't improved in cutting, as is most prominent in the transition of Harvey Dent to Two Face as the movie seems to lag uncharacteristically. It seems too much like a series of awesome individual scenes thrown together rather than a quality movie per se. Batman Begins meanwhile is very well paced, gave just the right amount of thrills and character development and in terms of the pacing and the plot... with the flashbacks a frequent feature, it was EXACTLY Christopher Nolan's strong suit. So in summary, Batman Begins = awesome film with a quality director playing to his strengths. The Dark Knight = awesome character in the Joker with a wide assortment of huge (the IMAX cameras was a brilliant move) memorable cinematic moments. It depends on what you want from the genre I suppose, TDK is more of a popcorn movie, but Batman Begins is undoubtedly the better film. I've seen each over a dozen times I guess...

TDK is what I think of now when I think of Batman on the big screen. Nothing can beat that opening scene in IMAX - wow! Begins is awesome - but TDK stepped it up a notch.

Hands down The Dark Knight. It's like Batman Begins times two. Everything about it, except for maybe the story, was better. The music, the villain, the effects, etc. Not to take away from Begins which was also awesome, TDK is one of my favorite films of all time!

I don't really see the argument here. The Dark Knight will go down as a classic, for its exploration of dark themes, a phenomenal turn by Heath Ledger, and overall brilliant filmmaking. The fact that we nitpick it so much is proof of its greatness, not its failure. All great movies get analyzed to death. But if you can take a step back, The Dark Knight is the obvious choice in this debate.

The Dark Knight. Barely. I love both films, but The Dark Knight is just... better. Barely.

Batman Begins is a fantastic movie, but I view the Dark Knight as everything that was great about Batman Begins, plus a whole lot more great stuff. I have no issues with Batman Begins... it's just that the Dark Knight has MORE of everything that was in Batman Begins. Hands down.

I challenge anyone to explain why Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight should be considered "brilliant filmmaking." It is a mostly well done summer blockbuster. When compared to the likes of Independence Day it stands out but it is so full of bloopers and illogical plot holes it is in no way brilliant. The story alone was more convoluted than most of the comic books it was supposedly based on. If you love this movie then that is fine but don't get caught making statements you can't back up. There is absolutely nothing groundbreaking about The Dark Knight.

Batman Begins is the best franchise restart and has a great cast; but the better movie just for shear tour de force is Dark Knight. From begining to end, it doesn't let up.

Bayamus, a convoluted story does not mean its bad. Plus, I'm not sure where you're coming from with your "bloopers and plot holes" comment. But I don't see how you can say that The Dark Knight isn't groundbreaking. For a summer blockbuster action flick, it doesn't offer easy answers audiences are accustomed to. It explores dark themes and absolutist ideals in ways that few major studio or genre films can. It's difficult, it leans toward pessimism, though maintains enough optimism about the general spirit of humanity to restore faith even as it throws doubt upon it. On top of that, it's well-shot, well-acted, well-written, and well-scored. It's probably the best summer blockbuster ever made, and Batman Begins, while good, is still standard fare and a decent origin story, but hardly anything remarkable.

I'd have to go with The Dark Knight, and not even because of the hype. Part of it is there was potential that the ridiculousness of a bat-garbed vigilante would end with a practical district attorney cleaning up Gotham. Part of it was the villains. Part of it is, well, the Joker's such a great villain. Part of it is watching a pure, honest man become corrupted beyond saving. And part of it, with its convoluted story, was watching it a second and third time and seeing how certain things fall into place and make sense. Batman Begins is definitely a great movie for a lot of reasons, and even has a strength or two against it's sequel. But The Dark Knight is the better movie.

RANKED: 1. Dark Knight 2. Batman 3. Returns 4. Begins 5. Forever 6. And Robin

I knew this would happen.....

Damn.....this one's tough... Batman Begins has the better scenes with Batman, Michael Caine is better in Begins, Liam Neison is awesome in just about everything, and the climatic fight is more exciting. Dark Knight has Ledger, the better romantic lead(Gyllenhaal over Holmes, any day of the week), a cool subplot about Eckhart, and just the scope and insanity of some of Ledgers moments(in retrospect, I'm not sure what's better: The magic trick or the hospital blowing up). .....Batman Begins. The effects are much more subtle, Dark Knight is about twenty to thirty minutes too long, and Begins has the better arc about Batman, who is the hero. Edges Dark Knight out by about an inch.

Batman Begins is the epic of the two. The Dark Knight is that great entertainment like your favorite episode from your favorite TV series.

See, no one seems to remember that the main plot device in Batman Begins is a giant device that spontaneously turns water into mist. Humans are 90some percent water, why wasn't EVERYONE exploding? This seems far more unlikely than Harvey's face tissue. Just sayin.

begins is a batman movie, dark knight is the joker's movie. I only missed the aura of mistery that batman projected in begins, taking on falcone's men like a monster, in dark knight he goes on the criminals like jason bourne (nothing wrong with that at all) but im just saying that was kinda left out in the dark knight. I for my self every time I want to watch either of these two I end up watching both. so.. as a final desicion... I go for dark knight:a deeper and more important allegory, no katie holmes, better action and no katie holmes.

wow, who would of thought, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight! I'm gonna go with Batman Begins!

It is to my belief that anybody who is claiming Batman Begins is the better film is just saying so because The Dark Knight was so well received by audiences. These people are just trying to go against the crows for the sake of being argumentative. The Dark Knight is an incredibly well crafted thriller, probably the best since Se7en. The only area I can see The Dark Knight failing is having too strong an antagonist. Heath Ledger's portrayal of The Joker outshines every other performance in the film especially Bale's. As most professional screenwriters will tell you it is extremely important to have a balance between the Protagonistic and Antagonistic forces in terms of character development. Where Batman Begins fails is in pacing. Nolan was playing too much to what he had discovered to be his strengths in other films. He did not yet realized that an exceptionally strong comic book adaptation would require such a fast pacing to be successful.

Without Ledger's Joker, it's a tie.

HHmmmmmm this is really tough. I love the origin story of Batman Begins but I loved the whole thing with the Joker.....

The Dark Knight really is an impressive film. I'm pretty sure people will still be watching it in many years to come. Also it's an amazing performance by Heath Ledger and I've never really cared for his earlier performances.

I have to say TDK, Begins is a great film, but I felt it tended to lag at times. Once it got going it was excellent, but TDK keeps one gripped throughout the film

There are 3 types of people in the world. The first, and vast majority, are sheep. That's not a bad thing, the sheep go on about their lives without much worry. But there are also wolves who prey on the sheep and wish to do them harm. But there are some who protect the sheep. Sheepdogs may scare the sheep because they look like wolves, but they keep the wolves at bay. When a wolf ventures into the herd, the sheepdog fights the wolf. These sheepdogs are our soldiers, police, and once in a while every day citizens who don't hesitate to run into the flames of a dangerous situation. Batman Begins is a great story and a wonderful reboot of the Batman series, but Dark Knight goes beyond just another Batman movie. It is a commentary on society. Batman takes on the responsibility of fighting evil at the cost of being feared, even hated. Dark Knight blows Begins away.

See, what makes The Dark Knight so much better, isn't JUST Ledger's Joker, but how it explores the deeper philosophical differences between the Joker and Batman, who are at ultimate extremes. It even begs the question, "Is Batman really a good guy?". And the answer is sort of up to the audience, though it seems to land heavily on a yes. But just the fact that it begs the question of whether even having a superhero is a good idea or whether it just creates new problems is fascinating to consider in the world of comic book/action films. Not that it hasn't been done before, but rarely has a big studio film gone so in-depth into the topic and challenged what we think about the whole hero/villain dichotomy, and the grey areas that exist because of them.

TDK, for all the talk about weighty themes and depth, left such a bitter taste in my mouth with that moral failure of an ending. The idea that people need a hero and can't handle the truth, therefore Batman must nobly suffer unjust persecution -- what a cop out. It was especially galling after the citizens of Gotham had foiled the Joker by showing how neither the boatload of criminals nor the boatload of regular folks would commit the mass murder of the other, even to save themselves. That people may struggle with hard questions, may be tempted, but in the end are capable of heroism was argued for, then cynically abandoned. TDK ends with the equivalent of slap in the face to those who think what the world really needs is for everyone to be a hero, not fake heroes and scapegoats. The end of TDK argues, in effect, "people need to be entertained" when the truth is: people need to be informed. So, Batman Begins for me.

I would give a clear nod to The Dark Knight. I think Batman Begins suffered too much for being an origin story. How many times have we seen that kind of thing played out? That's not to say I didn't enjoy Batman Begins, but for all the hype it got, I didn't think it was all that. I would have preferred more time with Scarecrow, who I thought was far and away the most interesting thing about that movie. The Dark Knight was able to hit the ground running. The whole Batman story had already been established, no time needed to explain all of that to us again. Then you have Aaron Eckhart added to the cast, the addition of a great villain in the Joker, the replacement of Katie Holmes with a more substantial actress and Christopher Nolan getting a firmer hand on directing n action film. I'll admit that the ending of The Dark Knight was a bit of a sigh, but overall, I thought it was far and away a much better movie than Batman Begins.

The Dark Knight. Better than the former, not many other films can say that.

Batman Begins is under rated. The flashbacks, the action. And nobody jumped on the Batman Begins band wagon like they did with Dark Knight. It was a proper film for the fans. Dark Knight is better probably but over long. Its a hard decision for a die hard batfan. Dark Knight wasn't about batman, it was about Harvey Dent and Joker. Batman Begins looked at the character with more depth, yet the Dark Knights story had more depth, and a better story infact. DK has a superb soundtrack which i think makes it, not ledger, but the soundtrack

I would watch Batman Begins any day of the week over The Dark Knight. TDK felt disjointed and lengthy; i thought it was going to end 3 times before it actually ended. It had entertaining scenes, but thats about it. i thought the opening scene with the bank robbery was inventive, but then i found out that it was just a second rate copy of Heat and Point Break. Also, Jack Nicholson, for me, will always be the better Joker. The fact that people thought TDK should have been nominated for an Academy Award is crazy. and i find it even more shocking that TDK is globally ranked at 1 on this site! I'd take Batman Begins, Batman, Batman Returns, and Batman and Robin before i take TDK.


I'd say Batman Begins was a better film, the origin story is much more accessible.

I think Batman Begins is a great introduction to the characters of Bruce Wayne and Batman (which has since been mirrored in other comic book films such as Ironman), but I think we really get to see the depth of the character and the limits of morality in Dark Knight. I think that DK really makes him more human and accessible as a character because of the limits we see on his belief, and we almost see him break (but we all knew he never would). It is a much darker film, but I think that it is the best possible followup to Batman Begins. We also see great technological innovation with this film - being shot entirely in IMax (that scene where the semi flips is unbelievable and I can watch that clip all day) and the use of so many practical effects is also quite refreshing. I do agree with the film being long, but the first three times I saw it I never felt the length's affect.

TDK is the complete sequel. Batman Begins was good but TDK just builds on it and so much more. Undoubtedly best Batman movie and best superhero movie so far.

There was one scene in the Dark Knight where they had bombs on the two different boats where I had no idea what was going to happen next. That seldomly ever happens with movies these days.

Begins is a great batman movie. The Dark Knight is a great movie.

Although I really like Nolan's take on the Batman franchise, I have to say that TDK wins hands down. There were numerous times during the movie that left me speechless. The plot, the acting (especially by Ledger), and the visuals were just spectacular.

I love Batman Begins. I will always love Batman Begins. The Dark Knight made me see everything that was WRONG with Batman Begins. Batman Begins is a wonderful, great movie. The Dark Knight is damn near perfect. There are no more words that can be said about Heath Ledger.... But I also think that Aaron Eckhart was Oscar-worthy. TDK will sit at #2 on my Flickchart (though I first have to figure out how to get it there!) for a very long time....

A film is only as good as it's bad guy. Neason was good, but needed more screen time.

This is one of the easiest match ups to pick from ever! Anyone who doesn't pick the Dark Night over Batman Begins clearly doesn't know anything about movies.

The Dark Knight is tops. Batman begins is more of a beginnings/origins story whilst Dark Knight is its own. The Dark Knight gave me chills to the very core. Begins was really more of a renter.

The Dark Knight is the The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of superhero movies. It deeply unsettled me in a good way.

They are both individually great movies. What's very interesting is that Nolan crafted a sequel that does not appear to be much of a sequel after re-watching its predecessor. Begins is very clearly an origin story and it is outstandingly original. Batman doesn't show up for almost an hour. That takes balls! The Dark Knight is Nolan's take on an epic. A story of good versus ultimate evil. A major problem with Batman in most media is that he is always the character that is the most prepared and seemingly prescient character. Nolan flips the switch in TDK and gives that edge to The Joker. This choice was actually tougher than I thought, but I eventually gave in to the TDK hype machine. I think they are both amazing films, but in the end, I'm still a sucker for Ledger and Nolan's brilliantly crafted Joker.

I agree that both BATMAN BEGINS and THE DARK KNIGHT are both strong films individually but I think it is almost undeniable that THE DARK KNIGHT surpasses BATMAN BEGINS on every level just as effortlessly as Batman glides down from the top of that skyscraper in Japan. Christopher Nolan has always been a talented director but, while he was just getting his feet wet with BATMAN BEGINS, he redifined the comic book genre (if one can call it that) with THE DARK KNIGHT. The cast is stronger; the cinematography is more grandiose; even the story itself is significantly more complex. The is no question that he revived and completely reshaped the franchise with BATMAN BEGINS. With THE DARK KNIGHT though, he made a classic that transcended the conventions of its own genre and reached audiences that would never have taken notice before.

Batman Begins was OK, but not Better than Batman (1989) and Batman Returns. The Dark Knight has more passion and Ledger

The movies have different strengths and achieved different things - this pairing is as difficult as any other. It's easy to let yourself be stumbled by the fact that they're both batman films.

The Dark Knight is not burdened with the origin story, features the villain that we all wanted to see all along, and is as good as the best stories told in the comics (OK.... nearly as good as The Dark Night Returns).

While the Dark Knight captured a much larger audience, I think Batman Begins is easily a better movie. Like my favorite comics surrounding the Batman character (see the works of Frank Miller, Jeph Loeb, and Grant Morrison), the main priority in Begins is to explore the most important character, Bruce Wayne/Batman. The themes presented in Begins are better explored and much less heavy handed. Frankly, the Dark Knight's plot is way too convoluted, and large chunks of the story are based on ridiculous coincidences. If you're paying good attention, you often wonder just how the hell certain characters know certain things that cause them to take certain actions throughout the movie. The last 45 minutes are especially poor, with a tacked on Two Face plot and a terribly staged and edited climatic battle with the Joker. Begins is my favorite superhero movie, the Dark Knight is spectacular but flawed, and a tier below its predesecor.

TDK. Both movies were great. I liked the dark aspect of Begins, reminded me of the original Batman movie. Bale did a better job in Begins than TDK, but Maggie and Ledger were that much better and more. Nothing against Liam, but Ledger was beyond great in TDK.

My feeling is Begins was the better movie. Its well written and much more subtle then dark knight. Everything was well acted i both movies. However I do think DK tends to run off in many directions. There are 2 or 3 times the movie could have ended BUT I did love it too.

As good as TDK was, and it was really good, BB, to me anyway was the better movie. First batman movie to actually explain his origin--which was huge. ledger's joker was as good a villian as i've ever seen, but liam neeson's performance was vastly underrated. close call, but batman begins it is.

Dark Knight is better...Why?....1 Name: Heath Ledger. So, let's put a smile on that face! xoxo - Cat

I'll have to go with The Dark Knight. Batman Begins was awesome; grimy and it really captures the dark atmosphere of Gotham City as a putrefying metropolis. It's unfortunate that the character Henri Ducard (main villain) really couldn't match up to Bale's version of Batman. But in The Dark Knight there is the Joker, a far more interesting and outrageous character that could easily keep up with Bale's Batman. And above all, Ledger really did a wonderful job here. There is just this one thing I wasn't too excited about with The Dark Knight: although I'm not fond of Katie Holmes' acting, I dislike cast changes in sequels even more. So to me it felt like Maggie Gyllenhaal was playing a total different character than Rachel Dawes.

I love both of these movies. Could go either way here but I give the nod to TDK because of Ledger's performance.

The Dark Knight wins just by building on the brilliance of Begins. Everybody stepped up their game. Heath was the ultimate Joker. TDK was bigger, more emotional, and just damned better. And I love Begins.

No slight whatsoever on THE DARK KNIGHT, but BATMAN BEGINS is a much stronger and tighter film. Quite simply, in BATMAN BEGINS, Nolan made the first Batman film actually about Batman! THE DARK KNIGHT is great, but it also goes to prove what had been shown time and again in previous Batman incarnations: making Batman more interesting and dynamic than the colorful villain is difficult. DARK KNIGHT suffers (albeit only slightly) from Nolan simply trying to do too much. Thankfully, he's a strong enough filmmaker that all the storylines didn't fly all over the place and produce 2 1/2 hours of pure boredom. But watched back-to-back, BATMAN BEGINS still plays as the stronger overall film to me, and in its own way, even though it got decent critical response, is vastly underrated as people simply call it a comic book film. It is much more than that ... and more than THE DARK KNIGHT too.

Though I love both movies, I can't even fathom putting Begins over TDK. One of the only times I was incredibly hyped to see a movie and not only was I not disappointed, but it surpassed my expectations.

can some offer more movies were the sequal is better than the first....please dont say god father 2, awful shout.

Dark Knight is the better movie. But the Begins scene with Wayne and Ducard while the mansion is burned down is the best scene in the series so far. I love Begins...but Knight was better.

@longdong1: I find Toy Story 2 to be better than the first...though only just, barely. I prefer The Empire Strikes Back to Star Wars. I prefer Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade to Raiders of the Lost Ark (again, only just, and it's because of Sean Connery). Terminator 2 by a mile over the first (and I love the first). I prefer Aliens to Alien, but that's just because I prefer the action to the horror (those two are nearly equal). Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan over Star Trek: The Motion Picuture; it's not even close. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is vastly better than the first two Potter movies. Spider-Man 2. X-Men 2. Good sequels do exist, but The Dark Knight is easily the best sequel ever made. Period.

Batman Begins is such a great movie. Not taking anything away from the Dark Knight, but It's all about BB for me.

Dark knight!

This one is simple. Both are solid films. Batman Begins is a nice warm apple pie though, while The Dark Knight is that very same apple pie with ice cream on the top. "Ice cream" in this case meaning "a crazy clown who kills people with pencils and apparently has very dry lips." The Dark Knight wins hands down.

Both of these movies were very well done. Batman Begins gave the audience a good introduction to Bruce and did a great job with showing how he became batman. I also liked Batman Begins cause it was a bit like a Noir Film. That is the way it was shot with it being mostly at night and with low key lighting. As for the Dark Knight, it did a good job with keeping the story going. Heath Ledger did a fantastic job as the joker. The city that the shot the movie in was also better because it looked more like a real city. Unlike the Batman Begins where is was all big and like the old Batman movies. So in the end I have to say the I like The Dark Knight more. The reason for this is because me as the audience could relate to the enviorment in which it took place. Also Heath Ledger as the Joker just made it awesome!

To those saying that The Dark Knight would be nothing without Heath Ledger, I question your reasoning. Many films are bolstered by stunning performances. Should they all be denounced because of what makes them great? It makes absolutely no sense. For me, it is a battle between the Scarecrow and the Joker. The Joker wins out, hands down.

@stvfoolery: Nice analogy.

@Charyou_Tree: I agree with you to a point, but I think the entire cast of The Dark Knight was superb; Ledger simply had the most colorful role. (I think Aaron Eckhart was equally deserving of an Oscar nomination; maybe even Gary Oldman, too.) But also, the Scarecrow is really more of a minor character in Begins; if you're judging by the villains, it's really between Ledger and Liam Neeson (who is fantastic in Begins, by the way). Still, I adore both of these movies; I'm praying for an announcement of Nolan's third.

Dark Knight has plenty of scenes that are far better than anything in Begins (pretty much everything with the Joker), but it also has larger flaws. As Two-face, Eckhart is an even more interesting villain than Ledger's Joker, but he's treated like a throwaway and his subplot is so rushed it never lives up to its potential, instead becoming dead weight in an already long film. Not to mention how awful the design for Two-face was. It was like watching that terrible Brendan Frasier movie, The Mummy. Beyond that, the editing in TDK is atrocious, at least half of the shots should have gone on longer than they did. The fast paced editing destroys the weight of some of the more emotional scenes. And the baffling decision to use an overbearingly loud orchestral score during conversation scenes and no music during the chase scene makes the conversations hard to follow and the action sequence dull. Even with all these flaws, TDK is able to rise to a level of considerable awesomeness thanks to a number of brilliantly composed scenes in the first two thirds of its running time. But then things fall apart in the third act which is a miserable mess. Five years from now people will realize that the Bat-sonar fight scene is every bit as campy, garish, and moronic as anything in Batman and Robin, and I'll be there to say "I told you so." Batman Begins, on the other hand, may not have the same sweeping highs as TDK, but none of its lows (not even Katie Holmes) are as low as those in Dark Knight. Batman Begins wins overall, because it is a more consistently excellent film.

The main thing that drew me to the reboot of the Batman franchise was the darker tone of the movies. I felt that this led to a better interpretation of the anti-hero featured in the often bleak Batman comics. The first movie keeps a rather consistent tone. The villain, while not a scene stealer like Heath Ledger's Joker from The Dark Knight, was unique enough to keep my interest and I was definitely drawn in by the origin story. This movie simply seemed to fit the universe and the plot doesn't meander beyond its means. The Dark Knight, on the other hand, comes off as schmaltzy tech-porn in places. Some of the plot points are utterly ridiculous (specifically the radar-infused climax) and the story tries to do too much. The Two-Face story was underdone and unnecessary and really dragged parts of the story down. There were some excellent elements (specifically the psychotic Joker) but the movie was, overall, less satisfying than Batman Begins.

Clearly the DK. A great intricate story with villians that hold it all together. BB brilliantly sets the stage, but DK is the one that gives us what we really want.

@waitingscene: You criticize the length of the movie, but then complain that "at least half of the shots" should have been longer than they were? I don't follow. And I thought the design for Two-Face was pretty damn impressive.

Going into The Dark Knight, I had totally been expecting the Joker to turn Harvey Dent into Two-Face near the end of the film, and for Two-Face to be the main villain in a third movie. How wrong I was. Initially disappointed, I soon realized that the movie ended exactly the way it needed to. Harvey's death adds emotional resonance to an already powerful ending, as Batman takes the fall for Two-Face, thus preserving Dent's image. It also prevented a cliffhanger ending, which, in retrospect, would have ruined the film. There's no denying what direction a third movie would take, but with the ending it has now, The Dark Knight becomes a complete film unto itself, and is the better for it.

This isn't even close. To the person who thought Jack Nicholson's Joker was better...Jack was great for Tim Burton's vision. It's just night and day who embodied the true essence of the DC Universe character though. Heath Ledger/Christopher Nolan's Joker is a runaway. The Dark Knight wins hands down in my opinion! If they were both on tv...which one would you watch?

The Joker was awesome and all, but Batman Begins had a better story.

it's gotta be the dark knight for me. i'm certainly not hating on batman fact it seems to be in my top 10 movie rankings...but the dark knight holds up better for me than batman begins. i can watch the dark knight multiple times and still be blown away. also, i believe heath ledger as the joker was such a pinnicle and movie villian. still gives me chills.

I have to give it to The Dark Knight. I loved Batman Begins, but to me Begins was kind-of formumatic and redundant, whereas TDK was far more smoother in it's script and experimental/interesting. Begins was a solid action/superhero flick--TDK was a great crime drama in the spirit of Scorsese and Tarantino which just happens to have a character dressed as an armored bat.

Batman Begins was just so much better than The Dark Knight. The editing / direction of certain scenes in TDK were just sloppy and confusing. The plot was too convoluted and two-face didn't really need to be included in this at all. The scene where Batman puts on those glasses and looks through the building was probably the worst scene in the film and 'I AM BATHHHHSSMMANN' was probably the worst delivery by Bale. Now that I think about it, Batman's voice was also pretty shitty; Bale just couldn't pull it off. He's a great Batman / Bruce Wayne but he really needs to work on that voice.

@theycallmeninja: Bale's Batman voice is the ONLY problem I have with The Dark Knight, and even then, after a couple more viewings, it's come to not bother me. It makes a certain logical sense: he's disguising his voice. But it is much more over-the-top than it is in Begins. Meanwhile, I'm not sure how you can say Two-Face "didn't need" to be in the movie; the fall of Harvey Dent--Gotham's White Knight--is pretty central to the plot. The movie is ABOUT the fall of Harvey Dent, and how Batman takes the fall to preserve his memory as a hero. It's the Joker, meanwhile, who is not a focal point of the plot. He's just the catalyst, setting the whole thing in motion. However, having said THAT, he is indeed the perfect catalyst, for no other Batman villain says chaos and anarchy better than the Joker. Heath Ledger may have given what is, to most people, the most memorable performance in the film, but The Dark Knight is not really ABOUT him; it's about Harvey Dent and Bruce Wayne.

Oh, and to reiterate what I've probably said before, I thought Aaron Eckhart was just as wonderful in his role as Heath Ledger was.

Both movies are great, but the Joker is a much cooler villain

Both are excellent movies, but The Dark Knight tops Batman Begins. While the first movie gave more insight to how Bruce Wayne became Batman, it set up the rest of The Dark Knight to be concerned all about Batman and his dilemmas. Not to mention, Heath Ledger as the Joker was just phenomenol, same with Aaron Eckhart, Gary Oldman and Michael Caine. This doesn't mean that Batman Begins had a bad cast, they were also great, especially Cillian Murphy, seeing as he is one of my all-time favorite actors along with Liam Neeson. All and all, The Dark Knight is a much superior film. In

These movies are both amazing, and are definitely Batman movies done right, but I can't help but love the dark, dirty feel of The Dark Knight. Heath just played The Joker the way that I've always wanted to see him played. Still, Batman Begins is really great, and I loved Scarecrow and really hate the fact that The Dark Knight just give Batman the proper spotlight he deserves, though this might be Bale and his awful Batman voice's fault.

Batman Begins came as a great surprise, grounding the Superhero film in a more realistic, more film-noir setting. Dark Knight could have been so easily ruined by it's hype, and status as "number two", but, at least from my perspective (and, well, quite a few more) DK felt much more satisfying, fresh, exciting... it transcended Batman, Superhero film, Action movie.. and instantly felt a classic. BB, to me, felt above average. But it felt like a setup for a much better film.

I loved Batman Begins. I mean really loved it. I didn't think the second could possibly match it, and somehow it did better. Dark Knight for me.

Easy choice -- no Katie Holmes in Dark Knight, so Dark Knight it is. Honestly, watch Batman Begins and count the number of times she does her little smirk/half-smile facial expression. You could make a drinking game out of it.

I know I'm in the minority here, but the reboot of the franchise beats its sequel. Yes, Ledger was terrific as the Joker, but there was something about Cillian Murphy's Scarecrow that even trumps that. TDK tended to focus too much on the Joker to beat out BB, which really focused on the Big Black Bat. TDK is still a great film, but it's not on BB's level.

It's sad really, how many people misunderstand the Batman character and everything that it has come to be over the years, mostly thanks to the major series that BB and TDK both borrowed from. I don't know if these people are stuck on the older movies or the animated series, but you're not getting a proper look at Batman if this is what you're basing everything upon. No, indeed.. The Dark Knight was a masterpiece of a comic book movie and I can say this because it nearly perfectly followed a comic book. The true vision of Batman.. who IS dark. There's no discussion of TOO dark for Batman.

@HillJackBob: Cillian Murphy certainly was excellent as Scarecrow; I wish he'd had more screen time in Begins, really. And it's such a shame that he has such a throwaway scene in TDK. Heck, bring him back for the third!

Dark Knight seems the truer choice. The cast of Dark Knight overshadows Batman Begins even though the cast there was pretty good. We also see Christopher Nolan really start coming into his game and can recognize the increase in his potential and his first large step towards reaching it.

I feel drawn to the Dark Knight, I am compelled to watch it repeatedly more then any other movie in my collection. Batman Begins has a lot going for it. The Dark Knight has everything going for it.

Definitely the Dark Knight. Between the two Heath Ledger's Joker was a more memorable villian. Even though Batman Begins was a pretty good movie I can't really remember who the villian was.

While each is excellent they are each excellent in different ways. Batman Begins is more evenly wrought, more tightly constructed and hits its target better. That said, The Dark Knight is more grandly conceived and farther reaching, however it seems a little frayed around the edges, is not as tightly wound and packs too much into one package. A third film that focused more on the Two-Face elements after having dispensed with the Joker might have done those elements better service. Ultimately, the aspects of this TDK that are absolutely breathtaking, especially Ledger's tour de force and Wally Pfister's camera work, make this a great if flawed film, rather than a very good one. Game, Set and Match to The dark Knight.

The Dark Knight is derfianlty better, more developed story, great performances(especially Heath Ledger's Joker), amazing action scenes, it is more superior than Batman Begins

As a Batman film, Batman Begins is superior. Simply put, The Dark Knight really has little to do with Batman. It's actually the story of Harvey Dent. You could say it's The Joker's film because of Heath's outstanding performance but, lets be honest, he's only in it for about 20-30 minutes. Maybe even less. Harvey is the real main character of the piece. As such, Batman is more of a side character which doesn't allow this film to be a great Batman film. That said, as a motion picture The Dark Knight outshines Batman Begins, in my opinion. Almost every quality of the previous film has been strengthened. The performances, the plot, and the direction, IMO, are better this time around. Having said that... I really wanted Cillian Murphy's character to be a larger part of the movie than he was.

@omegon: Well said.

Dark Knight I have to say is better than Batman Begins. In most ways the movie outwits every batman movie you have ever seen, the movie has good visuals and lighting, good twists and a suprise ending that will blow you away! You have to admit defeat if you think Batman Begins should win, TDK will beat almost every action sequel. Thanks 4 Listening, JTeam95

I loved Batman Begins, I really did. It reinvigorated my love for the Batman character and, after years astray, reminded me why Batman was one of my favorite comic characters when I was a kid. That said, as great as Batman Begins is, The Dark Knight is simply amazing in every sense of the word. Personally my favorite aspect of the film is the character arc and transformation of Harvey Dent. Aaron Eckhart, I believe, deserves almost as much praise for his portrayal of Dent as Heath received for his part as the Joker. As far as the Joker, I believe it's a matter of what kind of Joker YOU prefer. Jack was silly and crazy, Heath was dark and psychotic. Me? I prefer the latter of the two and every time I watch The Dark Knight I look at the Joker and think that IS the Joker. Unfortunately I have to say that when I watch Batman and see Jack's version I'm reminded, every once in a while, that that IS Jack Nicholson. But the question here is Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, and with stronger villains and a better story all-around, I have to give the edge to The Dark Knight.


Gotta give it to The Dark Knight. Batman Begins was absolutely phenomenal, but The Dark Knight will be known as an absolute work of art for years to come. It's better in ever way.

Did any of you see either of the movies. the moral questions asked and answered in the sequel outweigh any of those in the first. character development was much better in the second and i feared much more for the protagonist and his well being and the decisions he'd ultimately have to make. so that's why home alone 2 lost in new york gets my vote.

Batman Begins lacks the suspense that the Dark Knight has is spades. The questions about human nature and morality and the performances by Heath Ledger and Aaron Eckhart are fantastic. Dark Knight is a masterpiece.

wow 2 of the worst movies ever made

in response to what MateoU2 said, you cant really compare Nicholson to Ledger because they both focus on different aspects of the joker, Nicholson does more of the jokes of the joker and not his sadistic side where as Ledger does the criminally insane joker and not many jokes.

I love them both, but I have to go with The Dark Knight.

Batman Begins got the ball rolling in the right direction and The Dark Knight kicked that ball into some other galaxy that can't be seen at all. More than a "super hero" movie, The Dark Knight is an epic crime film that has more in common with Heat than it has with Spider-Man or even Batman Begins. The Dark Knight is also much easier on the eyes thanks to actually being filmed in a big city and not locations built to look like a big city. The Dark Knight wins.

BATMAN BEGINS is actually smarter and deeper than DK. DK is incredible but not as incredible.

The Dark Knight got alot more hype, but as is usually the case, the sequal was not as good. Batman Begins is a great movie from beginning to end, where the dark knight dragged on a bit too long, with too many villains towards the end.

The Dark Knight, hands down. Christopher Nolan took everything he did right with Batman Begins and made it BETTER! Plus, Heath Ledger gave the most accurate interpretation of The Joker ever on film. He's the right mix of psychopathy and insanity.

Batman Begins was a nice debut to the new Batman series. The Dark Knight is probably the best Batman movie of all times... it shows an even darker Gotham and the Joker is the maniac I always imagined him to be.

Batman Begins could have been as good The Dark Knight, but being the first film in the franchise it got lumbered with the origins story, and no one likes origin stories. Also the hallucinations caused by the scarecrow in Begins seemed a little tame.

Before shooting began on Batman Begins, Christopher Nolan showed a screening of Blade Runner to all cast and crew, announcing that he wanted to make a Batman film that resembled the tone of Ridley Scott's classic. In Batman Begins Nolan created a Gotham that was a direct result of his vision, a dingy, dark, classic dystopian vision; the kind of city which could convince you that a vigilante would go to the lengths of dressing up as a giant bat to defeat organised crime. The only thing lacking from Batman Begins, was an archvillain from the franchise who would offer a more salient threat against Bruce Wayne and his alter ego. So inevitably, when the time for a sequel arose, Nolan pitted the Dark Knight up against the infamous Joker. This would have been enough for The Dark Knight to surpass Batman Begins but Nolan made the mistake of clotting the film up with unecessary developments. The transition of Aaron Eckhart's Two-Face felt contrived and unnatural; would a man so dedicated to upholding the law, the 'white knight' of the film's premise, be so easily persuaded into his eventual moral demise? The phrase 'cut your darlings' also comes to mind. After the Joker's kidnapping of Harvey Dent and Rachel, is it really necessary for the plot to convult further, reaching the eventual dual ferry scene? My criticism of the Dark Knight stems from what these events do to the pacing of the film. For an action/crime/thriller it is surprisingly phlegmatic, and though it should be credited with having aspirations above its genre, The Dark Knight does not carry the same level of tension and excitement as its predecessor.


Dark Knight is fantastic and if you don't agree "Why so serious?"


I love both . . . but not equally. I think a lot of it had to do with Begin's effects. The hallucination effects were a little too silly for my taste. It seemed out of place in the film. And I also can't watch it as many times as the, in my eyes, flawless Dark Knight.

The hardest decision ever!!!

i agree with JRM the hallucination effects in Begins were silly but the lighting and the screenplay was great but the Dark Knight had way less flaws. Plus the joker was awesome. Dark Knight wins.

Batman Begins wins this one for me, just because it had the element of surprise on its side. It was the follow up to Batman & Robin, and because of that, I walked into it with bottom of the barrel expectations and walked out shaken, thrilled, and with a silly grin on my face.

tough one.

Minus Katie Holmes, add Heath Ledger.... that's enough for me to like the Dark Knight more than Batman Begins.

@Nayr: I think Katie Holmes gets a bad rap. I thought she was fine in Begins: neither spectacular nor crappy, but perfectly adequate for the role. And I like Maggie Gyllenhaal, but I didn't think she was necessarily better or worse than Katie Holmes. I sometimes try to picture TDK with Holmes as Rachel Dawes, and I can't really see the film suffering too much for it.

Both Movies are good but for me Begins is much better. Okay we have Ledger as The Joker in Dark Knight but I think this distorts peoples view of the movie. Begins is much more interesting showing how Wayne became Batman in the first place.

Though Batman Begins went a long way in helping the world forget Batman and Robin, The Dark Knight did something almost unimaginable: it gave the world a serious superhero movie. The Dark Knight has a wider scope and a more interesting villain that Batman Begins, as well.

The Dark Knight is so massively overhyped and overrated. It does NOT deserve the praise that it gets, despite being a reall solid flick. I have to go for Batman Begins here.


I wish people would say WHY they believe Dark Knight is "overrated", rather than just say it is. The vast majority of everyone who's seen it disagrees with these people, so I'd love to know the reasons why all these people are wrong.

The Dark Knight, flat out period. Batman Begins has a quite a few more flaws (poor editing, lighting is too dark, boring bad guy), but don't get me wrong, TDK is also quite flawed- Rachel Dawes is not a character, but a prop. What the hell happened to Gotham City- how did it go from looking like it did in the first one to just being (quite obviously) Chicago? The matching on that was depressing. His voice was ridiculous. I have to say though, despite the problems, TDK strived to be more than just a superhero film, and it's resolution of Two Face is my favorite thing about the movie. A flawed masterpiece, but a masterpiece.

Even though TDK is a bit more "classic", it always rocks.

No Q.

@aconklin: I find it interesting that you say TDK has the "wider scope". There's more globe-trotting in Begins (though, yes, TDK does visit Hong Kong), and there's more wide-spread jeopardy. Scarecrow and R'as Al Ghul threaten all of Gotham. And @JRM: You're absolutely right. Just saying a movie is overrated doesn't make it so. When almost everybody can admit that The Dark Knight is at least a GOOD movie, must be a pretty good movie.

The Dark Knight, by a long shot in my opinion. DK has much more memorable villains (Joker, Two-Face), more believable romantic lead (Maggie Gyllenhaal), and more bang-for-your buck action set pieces. While a decent movie, Begins did not have the stuff that made Dark Knight the blockbuster and phenomenon it was in 2008.

The Dark Knight. Reading these comments I get the idea that people are forgetting just how awesome Batman Begins was when it came out. Begins was the best first movie in any super hero franchise (even the original Batman franchise), and set the foundation for The Dark Knight. However, like The Godfather Part II, The Dark Knight stood on the shoulders of it's giant precursor and shone beyond anyones wildest dreams with exceptional acting (especially by Ledger), a very muddled yet provocative story & themes, and just all around badassery.

@EquityDiversity: You're absolutely right. I LOVE Batman Begins, and it consistently annoys me when I vote for another film over it, but it's only in my Top 40. The Dark Knight is my personal #2.

They are both amazing, but I must say The Dark Knight has a slight advantage.

I'm a sucker for origin stories and Begins is probably the best origin story movie out there. And yes, I am one of those people who didn't care too much for Dark Knight :(

It's rare when a sequel surpasses the "original" but in this case that's just what happened.

I really love Batman Begins and I never thought the sequel (even with the Joker as the villain) would surpass it. Then I saw the trailer and I had high expectations for the Dark Knight to be better. AND THEN I SAW the movie and it exceeded that high expectations! Batman Begins was a really good movie but it's a shame that you can never look at it without comparing to the superior Dark Knight

@trylobyte: It's amazing. In this day and age, when I'm on the Internet looking at information about upcoming movies all the time, the only two films that have actually surpassed my high expectations were directed by Chris Nolan: The Dark Knight and Inception. Sometimes, I miss the times when I didn't have an Internet connection, and I knew nothing about fantastic films like The Matrix before I saw them. But it's nice to know that a movie can still completely blow me away from time to time, despite my spoiling things for myself.

I know I'm probably alone on this, but I think that Batman Begins is the better film. Sorry, all you Dark Knight fans!

@jonthefrail1: Actually, if you slog through the comments here, you'll see it's really quite the battle.


Here are the few 'flaws' I feel hurt Batman Begins: The action scenes are not very well done (most notably the hand-to-hand combat), the hallucination effects took me out of the movie at times, and there was no villain that I really detested--all contrary to Dark Knight. That being said, Batman Begins, overall, is a great movie. But Dark Knight is, imo, clearly the better movie. And I really don't see my opinion changing any time soon (ever).

This is quite a comment thread. I'd have to go TDK, but not because BB is a lesser movie. I remember being blown away by how good it was, how real it felt. Yes, the fights were rather poorly shot, but the story was strong and consistent. And yes, the batvoice in TDK grates a bit at times, but hey, minor flaw.

I am really not a fan of superhero movies. At all. TDK bored me to tears.

Let me say this: I loved The Dark Knight; I have it somewhere in my top 10 from 2008. But I loved and enjoyed Batman Begins MUCH more. Rather than address a lot of arguments people made before me made better, I'll just give my reasons: 1) Batman was the focus of Batman Begins. In TDK, it's clear to me that he's only one of a plethora of ancillary characters, with Two-Face and the Joker clearly being more important. 2) The look of Gotham in Begins felt more like a real place, specifically, a city much like Chicago. I know both films were filmed there, but Begins connected more to its urban surroundings than TDK did. 3) Similar to #1, there are just too many characters in TDK that get too much screen time. I'm not attacking anyone's performance - in fact, I'm amazed at Nolan's batting average in casting BOTH of these films - but between Caine, Gyllenhaal, Freeman, Ledger, Eckhart, Carbonell and Roberts, many with significant screen time, you have so many voices that the main character - Batman - gets drowned out. I had a similar problem with Burton's Batman, since that film also made the Joker more important than Batman. 4) Batman seems incompetent in this film. Always on the Joker's trail, but so many steps behind him that in the end, hardly any of the damage the Joker could have done was prevented. This goes hand in hand with the previous reason: if the Joker is the main character, of course he will outwit Batman at every turn. That makes for an excellent villain, as well as some amazing sequences (hospital blowing up, anyone?), but also for a film with a soul-sucking level of depression. Just do a quick mental check of how much havoc the Joker caused in this film (Nolan the whole while SHOWING just how horrifyingly destructive it really is) and you'll realize that the Joker is a much better terrorist than Batman is a protector. It is this last reason that really separates these films for me: both were gritty, realistic takes on the Batman mythos, but Begins was a whole lot more fun.

Both movies are great no doubt about it, but i will have to go with The Dark Knight. I felt it had better plot, better acting and more interesting.

@JRM: Nolan really isn't the best action director. Even in Inception (which I found to be utterly fantastic), his action sequences are just a little lacking. (That said, he's getting better, and the rest of his films always, ALWAYS make up for this minor deficit.)

@admiralpiett: You raise some interesting points. Really, I love Begins so much as well, that I truly feel there's really no "wrong" answer to this question. I'd never really considered the aspect of Batman appearing inept in TDK; I feel it was an attempt to show just how completely unpredictable the Joker could be. Really: How do you combat such a complete, off-the-wall wild card? Of course Batman was always a step behind. Also, though, TDK still takes place pretty early in Batman's "career". Perhaps the third movie will show him a little more on his A-game.

I reckon Batman Begins is much better than The Dark Knight

I never appreciated BB that much, whereas I was drawn into TDK immediately, as time has gone by I have started to enjoy BB, but I still give it to TDK, simply because of the initial experriences I had with both films.

Both are great films. I give the edge to the dark knight. Though i think it is one of the most overrated movies of all time, the villains in TDK and the more focused story gives it the edge. If the fighting scenes in BB weren't so terrible I would choose that. WIth this being said I still prefer the original batman with Michael Keaton in it over both of these movies.

The Dark Knight is superior to its predeccessor in every way. Heath Ledger really MADE that movie, it's too bad that we had to lose him after such a ground breaking role. Also, Christopher Nolan is just terrific all around, I like many of his movies.

Batman Begins is the best 'Batman' movie. In all the other Batman films the villains are the main event. While I appreciate it for that Dark Knight is the better film.

Batman Begins is far the superior film. The greatest comic book movie. EVER. The set design and atmosphere were exquisite. Liam Neeson was terrific. They lost that look for The Dark Night and the film suffered because of it. Too stark and bright. The gothic noir vibe was what made the first one so good. I think there is too much sentimentality at play when folks consider the Dark Knight, since Ledger passed away after filming the part.

Batman Begins had an amazing origins story, but Dark Knight took what Begins laid out and carried it to amazing success. Heath Ledger aside the movie was a major step forward and is one of the few sequels that is more amazing then its hard to beat predecessor

Love both, but the rivalry between Batman & Joker takes the win for me, so Dark Knight it is.

I thought that TDK was a great sequel to the already great remake of Batman. The Joker was portrayed beautifully but I still have to go with the first one. I loved the story line of how Bruce Wayne became Batman and how he overcame his fears and became the "Caped Crusader".

Better film, or better Batman story? Begins gets my vote because it is a more stable plot. Both are fantastic movies.

The Dark Knight has a better villain. That I'm pretty sure of. (Actually, Scarecrow could've been a great villain, but was underused. I can only imagine how incredible a movie with Scarecrow and Joker would've been.) I just rewatched Batman Begins and Ra's Al Ghul plan to destroy Gotham is still the weakest part about the movie. I enjoyed everything else about Batman Begins, at least entertainment-wise, more than The Dark Knight. I agree about the silliness of the Bat Radar mentioned above, and Joker's plot to blow up the boats was kind of dumb. That should've been removed so Two Face could get more screentime... You know, Batman Begins is more consistent in its quality. It doesn't fall apart at the end. But Ra's Al Ghul is boring. Scarecrow pathetically getting taken out by a taser still bugs me. Such a waste. I guess it's time to bring The Dark Knight and Batman Begins closer together on my Flickchart list. They both blow it, mostly because of how the villains are handled. But neither blows it completely. Frustrating movies. (Joker's plan to destroy Gotham was better because it was pure nihilism. Ra's Al Ghul wanted to destroy Gotham because it had degenerated beyond hope, by his estimation. Completely annihilating the city instead of just assassinating all the low-lifes doesn't make much sense. Ra's Al Ghul's philosophy isn't very well thought out. Completely annihilating the city because it's fun is just plain crazy, and more villainous.)

Now both these movies are really fascinating and dark, but I have to say that The Dark Knight is the better movie. Because there are many reasons it's #1 on my Flickchart. The way all the characters work off each other and how they question what's right and what's wrong is fascinating. The psychological aspect was dark and disturbing; especially coming from Heath Ledger as the Joker. He wasn't only funny, he was down right terrifying. His actions and reasons for them are thought provoking and sinister, and he doesn't seem to stop until everything is chaos. That's just pure evil.

Batman Begins was an excellent comic-book movie, but I feel that The Dark Knight really transcended that genre, and became more of a crime drama that happened to have superheroes and supervillains in it. It is the best depiction out there of how the world would be like if batman really existed.

Just watched these again, back to back. Both amazing movies but for me The Dark Knight wins. Part of what makes Batman so great are the villains. Begins was an origin story so the focus was Batman, with an internal conflict. While with The Dark Knight he was already established and explored so the focus was on the villains, an external conflict that would actually test his character. While I love me some origin story to me the villains are what actually make the hero. And what better villains than a former ally and an "Agent of chaos"?

Despite the fact Begins being one of the best Batman movies, TDK wins this contest easily. It's just too good to be beaten. Never liked Heath Ledger's movies before but love Liam Neeson. Only one proof of uncountable that actors and atmosphere in TDK are perfect to me.

TDK easily takes this competition hands down. Everything about the movie is better than its first little brother. The plot is more complex, the cinematography is more stunning, and the acting is amazing. The only thing I would change about this movie is Maggie G. I think there were many choices out there that would have played the part better. Other than that this movie takes you for a ride in a world that Nolan makes you think could exist.

I like them both. Begins is a Batman movie and TDK is a great movie and as a matter of fact one of the greatest. Begins has a few gadgets which is nice. TDK has almost no gadgets which is unacceptable, Batman' s Lair is a container ? please! I like Nolan's idea of making Batman real and what he did on TDK, but he went to far by leaving gadgets out, etc. If TDK had at least one scene where Batman uses a non-existing futuristic gadget like throwing a Batman Returns Boomerang that would have been enough for me already. What is the use of calling a movie Batman(Ironically TDK isn't :) ) when there are no futuristic gadgets to dream of ? Batman(1989) will forever be the best! Tim Burton is that man!

Pssh. Come on

No contest....

begins was a great film and such a welcome relief after the fiasco of batman and robin many years ago- but there was something lacking in it in terms of main protagonist. Al-Ghul was good but never felt like a main bad guy. it is still probably the best orgin film of any superhero. TDK was unbelievavble- albeit batman slightly took a step back at times but this was only due to the strength and building of the supporting characters and villans. the use of Imax was tremedous and well worth it! (greatly looking forward to more of this in TDKR). Batman should be DARK (ala Frank Miller) and TDK delivered but only due to the foundations laid by Begins.

I have to go with The Dark Knight

Definitely The Dark Knight!

The two greatest, most well written and performed comic book adaptations of all time, delivered by a mastermind of cinema. Both have incredible main villains and tight, intricate plots with twists that actually manage not to disappoint (Unlike Marvel's which are usually laughably predictable, ridiculous and flat out pointless). Overall, I'd have to give it to TDK due to a slightly stronger cast and better ending. Make no mistake though, they're both iconic masterpieces.

One up for Batman Begins! TDK is too dark.

Dark Knight all the way!

This is easy

Batman Begins was only the stepping stone to The Dark Knight.

…And the Joker was only one of the many villains of our caped crusader. Batman Begins gives us some needed background and development of our hero!; and for the true movie fan getting to watch Rutger Hauer – you can’t beat that – he is still creepy as ever!

I don't think i have to say much about my opinion because it has been said before. Heath Ledger. The weak ending to Batman Begins. The length of DK. However, The Dark Knight is much better because it can let loose after the restictions and cliches of a superhero origins story.

I like both films but the Dark Knight is the better film. HUGELY in part to Ledger's Joker. I admit when i first heard about his casting i didn't think it would work but boy was i wrong.

I want to use my joker at this question.

For me this isn't even close. Batman Begins bested the original; Burton film, IMO. TDK, I barely remember it. I wasn't interested at all in the film.

Nolan is a master of the psychological thriller, and Batman is the perfect vehicle for showcasing his mastery. Batman Begins was an amazing accomplishment, but The Dark Knight showed that Nolan was just warming up before delivering his masterpiece superhero epic.

TDK was way too serious. Why? Great Joker, but otherwise striving too hard for epicality. Batman Begins is superior.

I'm a huge Nolan fan. Anything this guy makes...I love. At the time Batman Begins came out I thought it was the best Batman film and then when I heard about the sequel I didn't there was no Nolan could top the first (which what happens with most sequels these days). When I heard that Heath Ledger was going to play the Joker...I was kinda pissed. I didn't see it AT ALL but when I saw that second trailer in front of I Am Legend...I was blown away and then when I saw the film, I knew he would win an Oscar. Even if Ledger was still alive at the time...he still would've won. Nolan completely surpassed what could be done with Batman. I can't imagine what is in store for us with The Dark Knight Rises.

I was a little dissapointed in Batman Begins so I'm going fot The Dark Knight.

Dk all day

Anyone who believes Two face should have been left out for another film is just sadly missed the whole point of TDK. IMO neither batman and the joker is the main focus of this film (although that being said, I wouldn't mind having more Joker screen time). Batman and Joker were fighting for the wills and minds of Gotham, and Harvey is the battleground. Him turning into Two face is a significant outcome of this battle. Maybe in a summer blockbuster you were looking for the hero and villain fist fighting each other, but this is not your typical mindless roller-coaster blockbuster. Using comic book characters to bring up the thought of rules and society and chaos and power and corruption, hiding behind the pretty package of a summer movie, makes it light-years better than Batman Begins

Batman Begins was the first level of The Dark Knight, there is no way it can beat it. Heath Ledger and an engaging storyline wins this one

The next movie is better than the last. Not to say that the previous wasn't great, cause it was. Here's the thing, The Dark Night ending was well written. Heath Ledger's performance out did Jack Nicholson's Joker. Even two face's back story is well written.

The Dark Knight is amazing and is better in every way.

Dark Knight. Batman Begins is overrated. There, I said it! :P

The Dark Knight. Both are very good, entertaining and thorough films but TDK takes the cake due to Heath Ledger's performance.

Batman Begins was a great movie, but Nolan really developed his own unique Batman in the Dark Knight. Everything improved in its own way. Dialogue, cinematography and just the overall tone of the movie.

batman begins is the superior movie, no question. batman is my second favorite superhero. i got caught up in the hype and excitement in the years and months leading up to the film's release. just like everyone else, i knew this movie was going to be way better than batman begins. before i saw the movie on opening night, i saw some negative reviews and thought "they dont know what they're talking about, this is going to be awesome!". i couldn't believe i left the theater with the major let down i felt. out of the few negative reviews i saw, these excerpts basicly sum up my feelings regarding the dark knight perfectly: "If Nolan had the opportunity to have a more even balance between explosions and ideas, it could have been that masterpiece that was prayed for." -- David Poland, The Hot Blog "I can't rate The Dark Knight as an outstanding piece of craftsmanship. Batman Begins was grim and methodical, and this movie is grim and jammed together. The narrative isn't shaped coherently to bring out contrasts and build toward a satisfying climax. The Dark Knight is constant climax; it's always in a frenzy, and it goes on forever." -- David Denby, The New Yorker on a more "technical" side, i think batman begins ended up being the superior film because david goyer had more involvement with the story and script. goyer has sole credit for story for batman begins and shares the screenplay credit with christopher nolan. as for the dark knight, nolan shares the story credit along with goyer. the dark knight screenplay is credited to christopher nolan and jonathan nolan. in the future, i think nolan should stick to his true better talent of directing rather than working on stories and screenplays.

Batman Begins was a great start to the franchise. It really developed the character well and did a great job of setting the standards for the next film(s) in the series. However it didn't really show off the core struggle of batman as well as the Dark Knight did. Batman for all purposes could be considered the greatest anti-hero ever. With every recurring bad guy he faces he has to deal with the question of wouldn't it be easier to just kill them and move on. It'd be making the world better. His family was killed before his very eyes but due to his sense of justice he can't let himself lower to the same level as the criminal behind his parent's demise. The Joker really pushes him closest he has ever gotten to wanting to kill someone. The dark knight shows that off. Also it is intense and constantly building to that finale that we're all waiting for. Also the ending to Batman Begins was questionable for Batman. He won't kill but he won't save him either so he lets him "die" in a train crash? Even with his most hated villains he still saves them in the end.

This is a close one, but I have to say the joker was AWESOME in The Dark Knight. GO TDK FTW!!!

Batman Begins is good but not great. The Dark Knight is Great, Heat Ledgers performance made the film.

Wow. Quite a large discussion going here. DIdn't really read everything so if I'm repeating then whatever. TDK had some serious issues in the editing and writing department, which put it much below Batman Begins in my personal rankings. That whole truck chase scene was incomprehensible and frankly boring as shit. Still not entirely sure that Batman and the Joker were even in the same lane based on that editing job. And the script is a bit on the bloated side, not to mention it can't commit to its themes fully. Just my two cents, but BB is a stronger film and ultimately more re-watchable.

Batman Begins was okay,but The Dark Knight is one of the best superhero movies of all time.

In my experience with superhero films, the first of a series always has the most interesting story and character development. That certainly holds true for Batman Begins.

Both great. Although I have to say I don't think The Dark Knight is the greatest film ever made as half the internet population do, but I still think it's a great film. And Batman Begins is great too. Both thoroughly re-watchable. In fact, while neither are in my top 20, both are probably more re-watchable than a lot of the movies in my top 20. However, I am going to side with The Dark Knight because it is everything that Batman Begins is but bigger, louder and better. Batman Begins was a tough act to follow, and usually turning everything up to 11 for the sequel doesn't work, but it worked this time :)

Batman Begins is a far superior film to the Dark Knight. The Dark Knight has a fantastic performance by Heath Ledger, and that is it. Outside of this one performance, Batman Begins has better acting, was better directed, and was more focused.

Batman Begins is really great. The Dark Knight is an even better sequel.

The Dark Knight, no comparison

I still can't believe they got Rick Astley to play the Riddler for the new one!

Both Are shivering and epic experiences. The Feel of Batman Begins, The Scale of Dark Knight. I Adore both films but Dark Knight still wins over Begins by its performances but also its plot.


The Dark Knight is better in almost every way. Just a shame Katie Holmes didn't return for The Dark Knight.

Batman Begins showed the birth of a hero in a way that no-one ever did. But TDK had a far-superior story. We saw Gotham going into madness and chaos. We saw Bruce questioning himself if he was saving Gotham or pushing it to destruction. And most importantly we saw one of the best acting performance in cinema history and the best Joker ever. Batman Begins was a great movie, but The Dark Knight was one of the best movies that ever made. Also, having The Joker, archenemy of Batman makes TDK a better Batman-movie.

Batman Begins was an amazing film that restarted what looked to be a dry franchise. However, the Dark Knight was just a step above. Of the past 5 years, it's probably the most talked about film in the genre. It edges Batman Begins for me.

The Dark Knight wins because it is so much more powerful, and the Joker and twists and turns... just wow. Begins is good but Dark Knight is in my top 5. Dark Knight dominates!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Like The Dark Knight Better Than Batman Begins And The Dark Knight Rises.

The Dark Knight wins by far.

in my view the dark knight is the best super hero movie ever.batman begins is not brilliant as tdk.

The Dark Knight easily

I love both but I like Dark Knight more and of course JOKER!!!

All 3 Nolan Batman films occupy the top 3 spots of the genre, nothing from Marvel (especially Studios) can touch them.

TDK is better manly because the action is so much cooler and the villains are are more well done and more memorable.

TDK is better manly because the action is so much cooler and the villains are more well done and more memorable.

Begins is underrated, but The Dark Knight is slightly better.

After doing a Kill, Boff, Marry on the Nolan films with my roommate. I realized I slightly prefer Begins. Everything TDK does well, it does better than Begins. Unfortunately, TDK also has more issues than Begins (The action set pieces in the last act, the last act in general) whereas with Begins I only take issue with Holmes performance and Batman's final line to Ras Al Guhl. Begins is consistently a better film. Really tough though.

I almost hate both of these movies. Welp! Here goes nothing...

Heath Ledger, that's all it takes to win here.

Ledger was the most perfect villain ever.

I'm very tempted to give Begins the win here simply because, aside from being (so far) the best origin story for a comic book film, there seems to be a general consensus that Heath Ledger's phenomenal performance alone automatically gives TDK the win. In reality, TDK owes all its existence to Begins and would probably not be around today without it. That being said, TDK really is an improvement in almost every way and is the superior one.

Both are fantastic drama films. I love em both, but The Dark Knight is fucking brilliantly acted by Heath Ledger. RIP.

The dark knight all the way

Um yeah, the one with The Joker in it.

I'm sure I am in the minority, but I like Batman Begins more. I love the origin story and I love Liam Neeson.


TDK>BB>TDKR But that's just my opinion.

The Dark Knight is better in every way. Acting, direction, script, soundtrack, and just a more entertaining movie.

One of the rare occasions where the sequel is better than the original. In the vast selection of Batman films made, The Dark Knight stands alone as the greatest of them all. Even better than Batman and Batman Returns. Jack Nicholson as The Joker and Danny DeVito as The Penguin as well as Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman all stood out as strong performances throughout the history of Batman on film, but Heath Ledger was better than all of them.

I am going to disagree with most probably and say that Batman Begins is the better movie. I definitely think Heath Ledger tragically passing away has helped The Dark Knight be seen by everyone as a masterpiece. It has a great single performance from Ledger, otherwise its overlong and not as tight and well shot as Begins. I found this to be more a crime drama that just happened to have Batman in it. Where as Begins really felt like a great BATMAN movie. Plus I think this is the worst performance from Bale in the trilogy .

So close. The Dark Knight, marginally.

The Dark Knight takes the cake on this one. Although both films are eye-popping magic tricks.

Christopher Nolan what a fantastic director he is with 3 fantastic Batman films but we are going to leave The Dark Knight Rises out of the question this is pretty tough like I always say both fantastic for different reasons with Batman Begins you had that whole origin story on how he becomes Batman and with The Dark Knight you had that AMAZING performance from Heath Ledger as the joker and it was more hardcore but my decision on which one is better in my opinion has to be The Dark Knight

I'm one of the few who prefers Batman Begins. TDK is an amazing and show-stopping film, but it just doesn't have the heart of BB. In Begins, so much of the story focus on Bruce and his journey. In The Dark Knight, Bruce has to take a back seat to The Joker and Harvey. Which isn't terrible of course, with Eckhart and Ledger giving phenomenal performances. Still, the Bale/Bruce-centric Begins is my pick. It's also my favorite of the trilogy, with Rises waaaaaaay back there in 3rd place.

If not for Heath Ledger's brilliant performance, Batman Begins would have been the better, more balanced movie. But with The Joker unleashed, TDK is a success.

The Dark Knight is a set up in every way, villain, action, music, just way better.

The Dark Knight is an excellent film, and the Joker works in every way as a great villain, but Batman Begins wins for me. It deals with the origins of Batman in a believable way whilst incorporating layers of what drives Bruce Wayne to don the mask and cape: fear, injustice, corruption and death. It includes more elements of what makes Batman, whilst The Dark Knight concentrates more on the villain than Bruce himself. This isn't a bad thing, but Heath Ledger's performance, although brilliant, drowns out the real story. Batman Begins is a stronger character and society study; remove the Joker from The Dark Knight and you're left with a pretty weak film all around.

The Dark Knight is the best Batman movie

The two greatest films the genre has ever produced! Best origin AND best sequel! Throw in TDKR, the best third installment of any CBM to date and it's a clean sweep victory for the entire trilogy over all others of the genre.

Never has the phrase "We get it" felt so redundant.

Batman Begins was burdened with having to tell the origin story,so it loses.

For me these two are both equal. But the TDK just wins by a little.

I know The Dark Knight is considered the best comic book movie ever, but I really like the origin story told in Batman Begins and the performance of Liam Neeson enough to make me barely pick Batman Begins.

I love both but The Dark Knight wins this one easily

I don't think this is a fair matchup. Batman Begins had to set up all the characters from scratch. The Dark Knight, though had to build new characters too, worked on what Begins had already established prior. But ultimately the Dark Knight is without question the superior film, by a distance because unlike Begins, which was absurdly superficial at times and simply had characters talk about some unrelated ideas, the Dark Knight dives head and toe into a vast sea of darkness and brilliantly juggles several ideas in one go - from Batman tiptoeing between fascism to the Joker's maniacal nihilism to Harvey Dent's fragile idealism, all spiralling into a hellish abyss. The conflict in Batman Begins is intimate and character driven, in the Dark Knight the whole city begins to fall apart.

Of the two, The Dark Knight is the better film. It was more solid from start to finish and had a better villain.

Not a big fan of either but the dark knight wins here and wins easily

the dark knight is by far a better film, batman begins is boring, lake of taste and probably the worst nolan film. The jocker wins

Two flawless, iconic, brilliant, revolutionary, game-changing mastercrafts that thoroughly conquer and dominate the CBM mountain.

One of the toughest matchups I've ever come across. Okay, let me see... BB is consistently focused on Bruce Wayne/Batman, while TDK is consistently focused on the villains. BB has more of a comic book vibe, while TDK is grounded in realism. BB is more for Batman fans, while TDK is more for the general audience. Alright, so I guess I'll give Batman Begins the very slight edge here, just because it feels more like a Batman movie and doesn't get too serious. But, if you ask me, both movies are masterpieces, and both are currently in my top 20!

I'm not so certain about this anymore. Begins is a great movie for the fans, but Dark Knight has better acting and better fight scenes. This could sway either way for me.


There isn't one ounce of fat to trim from either of these timeless classics; not a single wasted line, visual, character or theme. Everything is tight and lean and superbly executed and contributes vitally to ever single aspect of these timeless, game-changing mastercrafts!

On June 15, 2015, Batman Begins OFFICIALLY upgraded from 'instant classic' to 'Timeless'. Two more years and TDK will do the same.

Two unrivaled masterclasses of storytelling that surpass anything else the genre has ever produced.

What can I possibly say that hasn't already been said? Soooo, Dark Knight

Dark knight for sure. Begins is overrated.

I really love both but The Dark Knight is just better. More complex and the characters are stronger in terms of writing!

TDK above over central miles.

Ill go with the dark knight

so tough to pick one!

i liked begint but TDK IS WAY BETTER.

The dark knight is far the very best batman film.

Although batman begins is a masterpiece the dark knight fares much better in terms of story and characters as well as the whole aesthetic of the movie.

Although batman begins is a masterpiece the dark knight fares much better in terms of story and characters as well as the whole aesthetic of the movie.

Although batman begins is a masterpiece the dark knight fares much better in terms of story and characters as well as the whole aesthetic of the movie.

The dark knight all the way.

The dark knight is he ultimate best cinema masterpiece of all by the 1# batman film.

The dark knight is he ultimate best cinema masterpiece of all by the 1# batman film.

TDK takes everything Begins did and enhances it.

TDK but it's close. Begins was very enjoyable and a great movie. One of Nolan's best.

The Dark Knight is considered by many to be on the same level as some of the best movies of all time like Pulp Fiction, The Empire Strikes Back, and The Godfather Part II. Batman Begins, however, is not.

I think The Dark Knight is a bit overrated in terms of being considered one of the best films ever, but it does beat Begins.

Batman Begins was a great film that saved Batman from the disaster films before him like Batman and Robin, but The Dark Knight just took everything good about that film and made it even better in my opinion.

TDK is the best CBM ever,

Batman Begins is excellent but Dark Knight is the best superhero movie

Batman Begins is a better Batman movie, The Dark Knight is a better film overall.

dark knight is way better, batman begins is overrated although still enjoyable

how is begins overrated

The Dark Knight was better

TDK was better acted, better edited and definitely better shot and had better cinematography, but was not better written than BB.

Dark Knight trilogy’s strongest vs it’s weakest. It’s weakest is still a top 10 superhero movie of all time. Such a well written trilogy

TDK makes Begins look like pedestrian trash, which says quite a lot considering how great Begins is. Honestly, Begins' first act and most of its second act were some of my favorite in the entire trilogy and could have pushed it over TDK (tho probably not), but it's that 3rd act that drags it down. The 3rd act is just objectively not good, and I don't think that's a hot take. TDK is a rare sequel that is better than the predecessor in every conceivable way

I preferred The Dark Knight. Legendary film, imo

I like Batman Begins but the action sequences were pretty bad, the villain was boring and once in a while it got a bit complicated. But it will never beat The Dark Knight. The Dark Knight improves in the action, characters, story, visual style and of course Heath Ledger as The Joker.

Over ten years after these movies, and Batman Begins holds up way better than the Dark Knight (which outside of Ledger is a slog to get through)

Batman Begins is a better "Batman" movie. The Dark Knight is a better movie overall, and unforgettable due to Heath Ledger's ledgendary performance.