The Dark Knight vs. Big Fish



What da hell. How can I choose one? Seriously impossilbe :o

Best film Burton will ever make vs one of the best films ever.

This one hurts, so I twisted off a finger nail and gave it Big Fish.

Big Fish was somewhat overrated in my opinion. The Dark Knight gets my vote.

i really wanted to love Big Fish but i could only like it. Dark Knight wins easily here.

Ever since I had my son...Big Fish is cast in a whole new light. Love TDK, but there is something special about Big Fish...

The Dark Knight only deserves half of the praise it gets, and I'm sick of hearing people say that its so great, but it's one the best of the last decade. It wins here.

Big Fish FTW!

Big Fish is pretty bad, his son just wanted a clear answer, or a true story and all his father gave him was exaggerations and lies. I can't stand Big Fish, I'm far from a Nolan fanboy but TDK wins.

The Dark Knight I've watched many items and love it each time. Unfortunately I've only seen Big Fish once but still really enjoyed it when I did. I own both and need to re-visit Big Fish. Anyway, The Dark Knight gets the win for me.