The Dark Knight vs. Kick-Ass



OK, let me think for a moment. The Dark Knight is a good movie with a great performance and a good story. Kick-Ass is a great movie, with a great cast , a great Soundtrack and a good and surprisingly funny and brutal story. Both are great, but I prefer right now Kick-Ass, I just saw this movie and it kind of blow my mind away... (I was shocked about that little girl :D )


Kick Ass kicked some but The Dark Knight still stands alone.

Both movies have a character that turns out to be cooler than the title character. In The Dark Knight, Joker is far more commanding as a screen presence than Batman, while Hit Girl (and Big Daddy) completely outshine Kick-Ass. Batman should be just as interesting as Joker, because he's a bit nuts himself and actually has the formidable skills necessary to take on his enemy. He just wasn't (probably at least partly because Christian Bale didn't hold up against Heath Ledger). In the case of Kick-Ass, he was just an average dufus who really couldn't be as awesome as Hit Girl. I do think Kick-Ass could've been portrayed in a more interesting manner than he was in the movie, but I would never have expected him to equal Hit Girl for coolness. In addition, The Dark Knight starts to overstay its welcome toward the end, around the time Joker sets up the exploding boats experiment. Kick-Ass becomes darker and more brutal, and the ass-kicking reaches a fever pitch. Now, it could be argued that The Dark Knight is a deeper movie, but not all of its attempts at being philosophical translate well into the flow of the action. Kick-Ass isn't as bloated as The Dark Knight, though not everything works in Kick-Ass, either. (NOTE: Who knows how much could be written comparing these two, but I'll just stop where I am. Someone else can add more.)

The exploding boats experiment wears might thin and is frankly not as intelligent as the film-makers might think: 1) Why were the passangers so quick to believe The Joker? Who's to say which trigger controlled which bomb? 2) At no point did the 'good passengers' raise the issue of innocent police officers on the opposing ship? 3) Take a vote? Really, are people that ensconced in democracy? 4) 'Hardened criminal' have an altruistic soul? Then let's think about the central premise of TDK, the moral allegory. Not a new perspective by any means but didn't Spidey just deal with the "only thing people love more than a hero is to see a hero fall" thing just a few years ago. The idea of no ethics vs unwilling to compromise ethics could have been represented with more depth. The constant music in TDK is also a little much. Hell, even South park picked up on that. Yet, in spite of all that, TDK is a bad-ass movie and everything I've written is just a function of success leading to over-analysis.

This is a tough one, I love both these movies, but I haven't seen kick-ass enough to accuratly match these 2 up. Dark Knight is amazing in most aspects, but I get the feeling I enjoyed Kick-Ass better for some reason.

While The Dark Knight is considered a masterpiece, the action in Kick-Ass alone makes it the winner for me.


I really liked Kick-Ass, but I will never vote it over The Dark Knight.

A knight that's dark.

TDK has a wonderful story, set of characters, and great acting. Kick-Ass has a girl running around chopping up people and men exploding in industrial microwaves...I like the substance more than the blood.

Yeeah...I pick Kick-ass. I can't help it: I love that movie! That's not to say TDK is awesome too. I can't describe why I love kick-ass so much, but I just do.

You kidding? TDK for sure. Kick-Ass isn't that great a movie.

Like I said: it has something to do with me. It seems that I rather watch an entertaining, balls-out, funny, slightly cartoony and over-the-top superhero movie than a dark, thriller-esque superhero movie. *Shrugs*.

Dark Knight, easily. Just a remarkable deep, multifaceted study of the line between hero and villain and how murky it can get, and the ending is just so poignant with an uncertain future from the perspective of the protagonists, unlike so many other films of the genre where the heroes believe everything is wrapped up in a neat little bow and are blissfully ignorant of any impending future danger.

I think I need to give Kick-Ass another viewing sometime. As for now, I'm going with TDK.

Kick-Ass is great, but The Dark Knight is too good to lose.

Kick-Ass doesn't work for me on repeated viewings. Maybe I just need to immerse myself into the picture, but The Dark Knight wins for me overall.

I will always back up MysticSpoon on how awesome Kick-Ass is. But unfortunately, The Dark Knight is my number one.

Dark Knight is a better superhero film but kick ass is funny and gory.Batman wins-shocker?

The Dark Knight

Currently, I have Kick-Ass ranked higher....but this is subject to change...

If I want to watch all action and blood ill watch UFC if I want a life changing film that is the best superhero film ever i watch Dark Knight!

I always have such a good laugh reading Square Master's comments. So ridiculously over the top. Dark Knight wins this one.

Dark Knight destroys the forgettable lame stupidly Kick-Ass that sucks ass on every level.

TDK kicks Kick-Ass's ass