The Dark Knight vs. Citizen Kane



Well well well i thought the Dark Knight was Citizen Kane and this is where reality implodes on itself, now i love the Bat ... and maybe thats why im so hard on him, both innovators of their time but Orson wrote, starred and directed so...

Sorry Batfans,I liked TDK.It's just no match for Citizen Kane imo.

I can't decide between either. It's Citizen Kane.

Dark Knight, though both are masterpieces.

I feel wrong picking a film about a man who dresses like a bat to fight a man dressed like a clown and a man with half his face burned over Citizen Kane, which is... well, Citizen Kane. But I really enjoy

...The Dark Knight

Citizen Kane with out a doubt is the better movie.

Citizen Kane is pretentious, overrated crap. I pick The Dark Knight ANY DAY!

Two defining movies of their respective eras. It's hard to tell which one if undeniably the better film, but I'm choosing whatever is higher on my list. My opinion is subject to change in the future...

im taking Dark Knight but i might regret it i just love Batman and Ledger's joker better top typing before i change my min...

Citizen Kane

Difficult to compare two movies for entirely different audiences and moods. Citizen Kane is superior, but TDK is undeniably my favorite. How much of that is bias/nostalgia I've yet to figure out but for now TDK edges it out by a mere smidgen. Also Citizen Kane is not pretentious and overrated, don't be stupid.

The Dark Knight was great, but Citizen Kane was by far the better film. I wonder if anyone under the age of thirty besides me chose the Dark Knight instead.

*anyone chose Citizen Kane instead, my bad. It's late.

As good as The Dark Knight is ( which is amazing), Citizen Kane will always be the better movie.

I'd much rather be watching TDK....

Are you kidding me? Citizen Kane takes it No contest

TDK, citzen kane is trash.

TDK is actually entertaining, thoughtful, and well made at the same time, not just thoughtful and well made. CK is for sure the more important film though, but TDK takes it.

As much as I love and respect Citizen Kane, I will still choose TDK any day. I simply think it’s a better movie. It has possibly the best villain in cinema, one of the best protagonist, and a perfect plot. The acting is on an unbeatable level, and the score is amazing. Citizen Kane also has a lot of great acting, plot, and characters, but it just simply isn’t as good. This is just the case of 10/10 vs 14/10.

Irish_Sicilian2 said it the best

Very good iq test im going with kane all the way.

TDK is great, but Citizen Kane is just way better. Cinematography, script, etc. It's an iconic movie that will remain as a classic forever